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Things to consider when choosing a career

Things to consider when choosing a career

"The education system of our country is now more advanced. We have expert faculties, who help students not only academically, but also ideologically, "says
Rezaul Hassan Sharif, head of human resources of,
in an interview with Tanzil Zia

What are the most important considerations when choosing a career?

Career is the most important part of life for everyone. In today's competitive job market, it is very important to have a career development on your agenda. You need to invest time and effort in finding what you want to do and which path you will take to get there. Only then you will be able to get your expected career. Now a days it is very difficult to get proper instructions, which are required to build a career. 

Can you share something about your working experience as the head of Human Resource Department?

I love to work with people. I think communicating and working with them are my strengths. Human Resource - HR Department is the heart of a company. It plays a vital role in the daily activities. We hire proper, talented and efficient people for the organization. As recruiting efficient employees is my main responsibility, I have an opportunity to introduce myself with new people, which helps me to enrich my profile.

I started my profession with the HR Department of the mobile network company Robi in 1999. Later, I worked in distinguished positions of HR Department with multinational companies HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, AK Khan Group and Bay Group. I also worked with local organizations. Prior to my current position, I was the Head of People and Corporate Affairs in Penta Global Limited.

What do you suggest the beginners to build a good career?

The education system of our country is now more advanced. We have expert faculties, who help students not only academically, but also ideologically. Now we have different co-curricular activities, seminars and workshops to experience and increase practical knowledge. My first suggestion for beginners is - try to reveal your capabilities and follow your dreams. You will be happy if you love your work.

I have seen many who've started their career with whatever job they got at first. It's okay with somebody as they gradually learn to love their works and continue their career in that sector. But this mostly doesn't happen to everyone.

I think students should concentrate on building their career as early as possible. This will let them explore career options and allow them to have experiences outside their classroom, which will help them to enrich career.

What should students do to build a proper career?

At first, you will have to prepare a list of career options by examining your interests, skills and evaluation. Then shortlist the career options by reviewing career information, researching companies and after talking to professionals of the concerned fields. It's not enough to list options; you need to set a "SMART" Goal to build a proper career. After selecting your career sector, you have to develop an action plan to implement the decision.

Adopt required measures to set your time-base goals and implement the work plan. Identify specific time-based goals and steps to accomplish your plan. Then, set short-term goals (to be achieved in one year or less) and sustainable goals (to be achieved in one to five years) to meet your goal.

Which things should be avoided in career development planning?

Don't run after salary and position at the beginning of your career. At first, prove your abilities to both yourself and the company you are working with. Next, avoid an undisciplined life, lazy surroundings and making fake promises. Be independent. Besides, you will have to set your aim in life and take proper initiatives to meet them.

I want to warn you against another thing. Do not pick up any irrelevant job to start your career. Many get frustrated and pick up the first job, whichever they get. But this type of practice often leads to a more frustrating life.

Besides, don't follow others. Many try to be like someone else without realizing their own skills and interests. Even parents create pressure on their children to follow someone else, which is not right. Their dream and qualities might differ from yours. Your parents must understand these matters.

How important is networking in career development?

I think, the more you have connections with people, the more you will be successful in life. Opportunities do not come every day. You will have to work hard to get the expected job. But if you build good relationship with those working with leading brands and popular organizations, this will give you an additional opportunity for career development.

Build a meaningful relation with the prominent people of your profession so that you can tap into that connection while searching for a job and other job-related information. Besides, try to convert your social network into a professional one.

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