Published:  01:14 AM, 14 July 2019

Yoshiro Mori

Yoshiro Mori

Yoshiro Mori is a Japanese politician and former Prime Minister of Japan who served the country from the year 2000 to 2001 as its 85th and 86th Prime Minister. Yoshiro Mori is mainly known for his frequent 'slips of tongue and inappropriate actions' that surfaced on many occasions in his political career. Though Yoshiro Mori failed to achieve distinction as Prime Minister of Japan, the emergence of Japan as a strong industrial country can be credited to the former prime minister who adopted revolutionary fiscal policies and several economic reforms. In 2004, Yoshiro Mori was awarded India's third highest civilian award Padhma Bhushan for his contribution in world economy and education. Yoshiro Mori was born on 14 July 1937 in Nomi, Ishikawa in Japan to Shigeki and Kaoru Mori and both of his parents were wealthy farmers.

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