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Published:  02:30 AM, 02 August 2019

My personal thought

My personal thought

What do you think of the moon? Dull, or maybe bright from its friend's light.  Used in many phrases, ones that could reflect many words and meanings through one simply adorned phrase; keeping our nights under its shade, displaying a better view among the stars in the sky. What about Technology? Imagine yourself in a dimension with no air. No gravity to maintain you smoothly, no grounds usually and when you wonder for the sky there, your mind's just a space of twisted theories and thoughts. You know, there's no end to this world; another world that hold 'your' world.

That's the Universe. No horizon to seek, no ground to stand on. No air to feel, no color to be adorned. Just a lazy, slow and a powerful field that holds the heaviest of lives and the heaviest of existences. For me, the mere thought of this void's heavy existence just screams mystery. As of now, it's been too clearly proven that human curiosity surpasses most desires engraved within one's heart. In my opinion, both curiosity and desires are too immense and sometimes…irresistible.

From the desire to spill blood to examining human bodies to their hearts content both legal and illegal manners, to sending machines out in this empty void of mysteries to explore what bits they can capture from range to range, human life has found its way to various success, but let's not forget that not all success brings about the best in everything.

Everything has its own side effect, its own disadvantage; and does every step of success and development. Now there's the thing about technology and human life. It's helped us in several, numerous, countless ways. But think about the disadvantages of all these easy access to activities. But that's not the point here. It's a topic that's been bothering me for quite the time, and somehow it feels like it shouldn't be done. Of course I'm just a child still learning life at its finest, but I believe everyone has the right to point out their personal opinions accordingly.

And personally, I don't see why the moon must be bothered for examining its existence and uses to benefit human life. Of course, everything is there for a reason, but does it really need to be…looked through all the time?

And yes, there is a reason behind my faint complaints. I'm sure it's been a grand issue to the public that the atmosphere is failing to keep its; weathers are taking odd composures and changing without the regular scales, and that the majestic icons of wildlife are fading away. So there's one more problem that tickles the back of my mind, almost as if telling me the end is being dragged us.

Perhaps I hadn't done all thee research I need to do to write on this topic, but that doesn't mean I don't understand the insecurity of Earth. Satellites are roaming about the galaxy, several are being sent out for whatever reason; be it to take a capture of the black hole or perhaps an unexpected misshapen. Even so, I kind of want to believe that planning to create a situation fit enough for humans to live on the Moon is plain ridiculous. The end is inevitable, and so is death; they say that this time, humans just won't be leaving footprints on the moon, make history and just return back to Earth being welcomed warmly. It's an experiment, to see if humans are actually compatible enough to live on the moon.

They say it's just for study purposes to help Earth develop better, perhaps; whatever angle you see it from, I'm fixated on believing it's mildest purposes might be for just farther development. Now, it's getting weird; what's this 7th grader trying to point out? To be honest, my purpose is simple.

Preparing to live on a different planet when this one runs out; that's all they're preparing for. What bothers me, is that if 'this' development can help Earth in so many ways, why are there still homeless who starve and freeze to death every winter on the streets. Its makes me wonder how the development helps Earth; perhaps inventing things half of the population can't afford, where the malls would be flooding and some villages would round up in one particular space for whatever food they can get. What's the development when half the humanity can't even use?

If running over the moon for days or years were to help the scientists create yet another place to live in when Earth refuses to hold on, I wonder if the suffering will end on various parts of the world.

All the money invested could be easily donated to the poor, help the government to provide for them; perhaps maybe the politics can ease up on their profit alone and help out the needy. But no, the world isn't like that just yet.

The money needs to be used in exploring the moon, making sure people can live there when Earth falls and the atmosphere needs to hold on just a little while longer so that they can finish the study. I'm probably just looking on the negativity, but know that there are always sides to pick, and I joined what I saw well in my opinion.

Some believe mankind can always live on; there hadn't been the end just yet, so there shouldn't be with just a little misshapen play with the nature. I wonder if that would actually happens, and if that does happen, it'll pain me to accept that fact that mankind 'is' the reason behind each downfall. Yes mankind is capable of doing everything, that's just their curiosity and stubbornness to live; but to think they'll outcome nature itself and plan to take hole everywhere, just messes things up.

The writer is a student of class VII,
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---Nawfa Nanziba Omama

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