Published:  04:10 PM, 04 August 2019

Save our country, protect our safety

What if Bangladesh turns into a country without intelligent people?

Let’s talk about the reality, not just the dreams. Imagine, a Bangladesh: the cities and towns are clean, green, with decent air quality combining with a galaxy of intelligent people powered by an impartial law and justice system, not just the promises of justice, and abundant jobs for the growing number of people. However, it apparently remains a conceit for imagination as long as safety is ensured and thousands of murders take place While random murders are continuously occurring, how can we dream for a prosperous Bangladesh? What are the factors that cause such vulnerable circumstance? Well, majority of the Bangladeshi people will certainly assert that lack of justice is largely responsible for such brutal behavior.

Is it only the number of GPA-5 that determines the growth of the country? Unfortunately, there are a lot more factors involved which influence the growth of this country. Most noticeably,consistent and unbiased application of justice contributes the overall development of a country due to the fact that criminals soon learn that their behavior will not be tolerated, and law-abiding citizens become more confident and less distracted. Furthermore, when a zero-tolerance principle is applied against all the criminals irrespective of their personal and political identities, the number of crimes will significantly plummet and this will eventually send a good message to the victims as well. In fact, it is something that discourages the rest of the criminals as well. On top of that, we also need to address potential corruption in the judicial system from junior police to senior judges. It's because if wealthy criminals can buy their way out of trouble then we are only punishing people who misguidedly commit crimes out of poverty. 
In the last 5 years, murders, rapes, and other illegal activities have increased at an unprecedented rate, which is one of the most alarming things for every honest citizen of the country. Are the criminals being brought under judgment?If yes, how can the accused persons remain unpunished despite all evidences against them? There is no denying fact that many victims somehow manage to get out of the custody even though they are accused. As a consequence, it is a sad indictment that no one feels justice is ever possible in our beautiful country. 

For far too long a plenty of killings and rapes have occurred and still no prosperity is conspicuous. Over time, people might forget Bishwajit, Shagar –Runi, Avijit, Nusrat and Tanu but certainly their family could not. Sadly, Rifat killing has been the most recent instance of that. Nevertheless, the agencies responsible for the application of justice seem oblivious to these events. Everybody seems to have taken it for granted that they will either die by road accident or by the miscreants.  Now the question arises, “while hundreds of victims are being persistently deprived of justice, are we truly independent or 'in dependent' in this country? 

Imagine a group of people receiving no justice whatsoever. Now, will they further rely on the local judicial system? If they chose not to, will they still be living in the same place they are in mortal danger? More importantly,who will take this country to the apex of success in the future? Most obviously, it is the young generation who will lead this country next. But once they leave this country due to lack of security and justice, this country will run out of intelligence.

According to the Bureau of Manpower, Employment, and Training (BMET), in 2017 a total of 1,008,525 people went abroad and the number is going high day by day. Admittedly, most people have been disillusioned by the mismanagement of our country and what is even worse is that many established professionals like doctors, engineers, bankers and businessmen have been migrating to other countries like Canada, Australia and the USA. Surprisingly, few months ago chief justice left the country just due to his own safety. If this continues to happen, soon the country will lose many of the brilliant people which will be a major stumbling block towards the progress of our country.

Nonetheless, it seems, not many have considered the aftermath of this. In order to keep pace with developed world, Bangladesh need to build a sustainable and strong economy of tomorrow. But if meritorious residents abandon this country just because of safety, it will result in a sharp decline of this country. What is even more dangerous, this country will be lacking in quality teachers, doctors and researchers etc, will it ever reach its ultimate goal of “Digital Bangladesh, Vision 2021 that comprises people’s democracy and human rights, transparency, accountability and establishing justice?” It will definitely remain a nightmare then because they, especially teachers, play a pivotal role in shaping the career and character of the rising generation. Hence, government must take care of this matter if they dream for a beautiful Bangladesh in the long run. How long our law enforcement agencies remain blind to these horrific occurrences? How long will politicians remain silent on these serious matters?  

In my perspective, it is the high time for our government and justice departments to act in unison to protect law abiding of our country and think that how they can surmount this devastating crisis and offer better lives for the people of this country. We should not forget this country was achieved through the blood of 30 lakh martyrs. So, it is not the country what 30 lakh martyrs sacrificed their lives for, this not the country what the father of the nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman dreamt for and this is not the country 16 crore people expect for. We no longer want to be jeopardized lack of safety. So please keep our talented future generations home, make the full use of their potential and save our country by ensuring the safety of all the people of our country. 

Mahde Hassan 

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