Published:  12:28 AM, 08 August 2019

Diner Sheshe (08.08.2019)

Diner Sheshe (08.08.2019)

"My wife always loved dogs, so even though I never had one - when my friend's dog gave birth to a litter, I knew I had to get one home for my wife! That's how Dash came into our lives, and changed it completely. I still remember the day he came home, he was so scared and tiny. The first thing he did was hop onto my lap and looked at me like he wanted love! We had a bed for him and put him there at night, but he refused to sleep anywhere besides snuggling between my wife and I.

And that's literally become his permanent place! My wife and I were prepared, that like most dogs we'd have to work hard and discipline Dash. But he's such a good boy! If there's anyone who's scared, Dash will never go near them. He'll look at them with his puppy eyes until they melt and want to come to him themselves! He'll eat on time, he won't make a sound unless there's an emergency, and he'll make sure to never come in your way. And unlike most dogs, Dash's favorites thing to do is have a bath!

He's also one big goofball - Recently we went to a pet resort, and Dash was so excited to meet other dogs! As soon as we entered there was a glass door, Dash thought that his reflection was actually another dog and ran towards the door! Thankfully he didn't get hurt - but that's our life with him, filled with fun, adventures and goofiness. I know, I know I'm obsessed -- but I'm a doting father...what else can I say?"
Humans of Bombay, Fb

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