Published:  12:40 AM, 08 August 2019

Trump, enabler of new racial violence

Trump, enabler of new racial violence

In between 13 hours, recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and in Dayton, Ohio, caused 31 innocent people dead and many injured. The driving force of the madmen for committing these mass murders originated from racial ideology. The ideology of White Supremacy is reigning in the western world now, particularly in the USA under the leadership of President Donald Trump.

So those mass murderers were obviously inspired by what President Trump spewed during all these years of his reign. Though Trump is not physically involved in such heinous acts, he is directly responsible for those deaths due to his incendiary words against Muslims, immigrants, women and other vulnerable sections of society.

Author Ian Buruma wrote in his Project Syndicate article "The Race Card in America" (August 5, 2019), "The president is careful not to incite people openly to commit violence. But many violent people feel licensed by his words to do so. This makes Trump's behavior dangerous and contemptible, and he must be held to account for it. He deserves to be called a racist."    

Donald Trump, the world champion of violent racial politics, however, continuously denies that he is a racist as if what he declares himself to be mattered at all instead of what he constantly proves by his actual performance. His Republican colleagues believe what he says in the same way that the colleagues of a thief believe what their chieftain denies in public with regard to a case of thievery they were part of. Donald Trump, in fact, doesn't mind being called 'a racist', he instead relishes the appellation from deep in his heart like many other white Americans who are his key supporters in the 2020 presidential elections. 

These two mass shootings have forced even Trump to condemn, of course unreluctantly, racism.  Trump said, "Hate has no place in our country. We're going to take care of it." How he is going to take care of it, no one knows! At the same time he found the root cause of the attack not in white racism, but in the supposed mental illness of the attackers. Trump said, "This is also a mental illness problem, if you look at both these cases … both these people are very ill."

Racism is the fodder of the Trump politics, so he cannot get rid of it casting his sight on the victory in the coming election. As Columnist Charles M. Blow said, "Racism in America is like air - all around us, being constantly inhaled and exhaled, and if you are white, proving very beneficial to your health and survival."

Donald Trump through his hate words have unleashed a white terror across America. His soldiers are white supremacists whom he loves more than anything in the world. There are "fine  people on both sides," according to him, on the one side white supremacists attacking in Charlottesville and the peaceful protesters on the other. 

Salon writer Chauncey DeVega wrote (Donald Trump, white supremacist violence, and American surrender: The connections are clear, August 5, 2019), "America is beset by a wave of white supremacist terrorism which has killed 23 people and wounded 38 others over the course of a week. … During the last eight years white supremacists have killed at least 175 people in attacks around the world." He further wrote, "Donald Trump and his movement are part of the New Right. By implication and association violence is a force that gives Donald Trump and his movement meaning as well."

Trump can no way extricate himself from the carnage committed by white supremacist "deplorables" (Hillary Clinton's term meaning the Trump supporters in 2016). Any one with an iota of common sense can see the connection between Trumpism and the white supremacist violence against nonwhite minorities in America and elsewhere.

His attack on migrants coming from 'shithole countries' (as he called the developing nations), asking the four congresswomen of color to 'go back' to the countries of their ancestors and his relishing for long moments the chant "send her back" against Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar by a crowd at his rally, says all about him and his deplorable ideology. "I don't have a Racist bone in my body!" Who claims this? You guess! Political commentator Nicholas Kristof finds hate and racism in Donald Trump "from his jawbones down to his thumbs and little toes" in his New York Times article "Trump Is Racist to the Bone" (July 17, 2019)

The fight, however, must not be on sticking the label of racism on Trump, but should focus on all his rightwing policies from economic to social to environmental sectors. 

The writer is executive editor of SHIKKHALOK, a CDIP
education bulletin

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