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Lily Braun

Lily Braun

Lily Braun  born Amalie von Kretschmann, was a German feminist writer and politician of the Social Democratic Party (SPD). She was born in Halberstadt, in the Prussian province of Saxony, the daughter of Hans von Kretschmann [de], General of the Infantry in the Prussian Army, and his wife Jenny, née von Gustedt (1843-1903).

Her maternal grandmother, the writer Jenny von Gustedt (1811-1890), had been an illegitimate daughter of Jérôme Bonaparte, Napoleon's brother who was King of Westphalia, and his mistress Diana Rabe von Pappenheim. Lily Braun's great-niece, Marianne von Kretschmann married Richard von Weizsäcker, President of Germany from 1984 to 1994

Like her fellow political activist Helene Stöcker, Lily Braun was strongly influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche; she and her husband wanted the SPD to focus on the development of personality and individuality instead of levelling everybody.

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