Published:  03:10 AM, 12 September 2019

General Aziz addresses Armies Chiefs' Indo-Pacific Confce

General Aziz addresses Armies Chiefs' Indo-Pacific Confce
Chief of Staff of Bangladesh Army General Aziz Ahmed attended and spoke at the Indo-Pacific Armies Chiefs Conference in Bangkok, Thailand on Monday.

General Aziz Ahmed said that it is vital in the present world to keep up good relations with other countries and to build up strategic trust within nations. He laid emphasis on expanding belief and cooperation by overcoming divergences. Reciprocal understanding and raising confidence between the Armed Forces across the Indo-Pacific region is an important determinant according to General Aziz Ahmed.

General Aziz Ahmed referred to some phenomena like border disputes, presence of non-state actors, transnational crimes and criminal activities which come up while sharing a common international boundary. For this reason it is essential to reduce disagreements and to build trust among the nations, he further said. While speaking at the conference, General Aziz Ahmed also recalled his duty as the Director General of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) in the past.

General Aziz Ahmed stated that political issues, security, military affairs and environmental facts are interconnected. In the 21st century the major threats know no boundaries, he stated. Military forces as one of the principal instruments of national power have a big role to play in ensuring the security of respective countries, he remarked. He referred to the importance of sharing knowledge and expertise among different nations. General Aziz reiterated Bangladesh's foreign policy which believes in friendship to all and malice to none. General Aziz said, "The lion's share of our border is with India, which is

about 94%. The remaining 271 kilometers border with Myanmar runs along the River Naaf for 63 kilometers and then through the hilly terrain for 208 kilometers."

General Aziz commented that it is necessary to have cooperative ties with neighbouring countries to resolve border issues and to overcome the challenges of border management. He suggested that exchange programs and joint exercises can play significant roles for developing trust and respect between forces as well as countries.

General Aziz Ahmed asserted that Bangladesh respects the independence and sovereignty of all other nations. Boosting trust among Indo-Pacific Land Forces can keep this region secure and lead to a better future for the next generations of the concerned countries.

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