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India and Pakistan relations in context to Kashmir

India and Pakistan relations in context to Kashmir

India and Pakistan are always close and cordial neighbors. Though political scuffling is existent since the dawn of decade of fifties on Kashmir issue, of late we find that the relations between prominent Saarc nations are turning sour.

Both nations are on the verge of severe political skirmishes the reason for which is well known to all Indians as well as that of entire South Asian nations and also rest of the globe.

Very recently the government of India decided to scrap off Article 370 from Kashmir thereby embarking on a division of the state. If my revered online readers ask me what will be the probable repercussions of the division.

To answer to it we can say though picture is being portrayed that situations at Kashmir at the present juncture stands calm and soothing but in reality we find that there might serious imbroglio in India between Hindus and Muslims in the future.

This writer might err in my foresightedness but the situations at the present sounds extremely alarming. As per the relations between India and Pakistan is concerned we find that it is not conflicting but rather it is tensed oriented.

After the partition of Independent India we find that relations started towards a state of utter spoliation and calumny. The key reasons might be Partition of the country and next cum final one is the Kashmir issue.

Since the decade of mid fifties till date we find that there have been innumerable interactions between the officials of two sides but off late there has been no yielding of any positive results from both sides. Of late there have been regular conflagrations between friendly and cordial nations.

There are no ways and means adopted to arrive at probable consensus.
Common citizens of India and Pakistan are eager to arrive at consensual rapprochement between these two closer and friendly relations.

But the key obstacle which lies in this regard is that of lackadaisical attitude by the political fraternities of these two nations badly maligning the friendly relations between closer and friendly nations. Thus in the subsequent paragraph it is my humble tasks to analyze in details about how to develop erstwhile relations between India and Pakistan.

There are various ways and means by which we can develop pleasant relation relations between India and Pakistan. Among them some of the common ways and means are stated as follow:

  Regular interactions between officials of the government of India and Pakistan should take place.
*  There should be probable outcome of bilateral talks between officials of both India and Pakistan.
* Nabbing of terrorism and terroristic activities should be seriously taken care of by the government of both nations.
*    Confidence should be imposed upon officials of both nations.
*  Economic and trade cooperation should be expanded in high keel.
*    Both sides should join hands to save Afghanistan from the onslaught of allied forces.
*    There should be emphasizing on cultural contacts between India and Pakistan.
Present tensed relations between India and Pakistan:

At the present juncture the relations between India and Pakistan is in a tensed situations. One harsh truth I have to write in order to justify the sanctity of the said column. This is extremely worrisome for global public figures of repute.Instead of supplicating the tersely situations politicians of both nations are desperately playing dirty games.

In front of the citizens of both nations they proclaim that there is a way to develop relations between India and Pakistan but in reality it is just the reverse between the two. In different sessions of the  United Sessions we find that there have been vehement protests by the citizens of both nations that relations between two of us should accelerate but the politicians are mainly corrupt.

Pakistan by hook and crook deliberately brings up the Kashmir issue. But no concrete solutions surface upon us. Hope better sense is expected to prevail upon both sides soon. But that is also a long drawn process.

Now the time has come for the present NDA government of India to take stock of Kashmir situation immediately. Contrarily what will happen is that relations between India and Pakistan at the same plank and the chances of accelerating the pace of development of bilateral relations between two nations will get covered under quicksand.The writer is a freelance contributor based in Kolkata

---Sujayendra Das

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