Published:  04:29 AM, 14 September 2019

Remembrance Unique story of a torchbearer

Remembrance Unique story of a torchbearer

Departure is the regular routine of nature. Someone before, someone after. The mortal body mixes with the soil and with it, one has to tempt to pull from all things of the earth. In some cases, after the physical death, someone is alive again in the vibration of thousands of lives and in the minds and thinking of people.

One such outstanding personality is Mr. Golam Mawla . He was a former teacher of Bholain Bazar High School and College under Nangalkot upazila of Cumilla district. He is well-known and felicitated in that area as GM Sir. On July 17, Nature had closed life chapter of this ingenious man to the country without returning.

Mr. Gholam Mawla, a secondary school teacher in the remote region. Although he was an English teacher, he had outstanding talent in Bangla, Englisg Physics, chemistry, mathematics .

This enlightened and creative teacher was totally differentfrom others. Holding the real mire with a pulse for the nest, he has dedicated his life to grow the seeds of the light of education in this discarnate region till the very last moment of his death. After sowing the seeds of many enlightened people, he finally had gone to deathbed.

Almost half a century ago, when the light of education was so dark in that area, Mr. Golam Mawla sir caught the responsibilities to remove the cloud of illiteracy.

Day and night, he provided his best effort  tirelessly and finally he reached almost the peaked of success and produced a number of talented youth whose enlisted themselves in the merit list of BUET, medicals,public universities studying from the remote areas. The region slowly started to see the light's education.

Although formally his career had ended in 2016, he has dedicated himself to the end of his life as a light source of that institution.

After leaving the institution, he had joined in a prestigious institution as a principal that was a few miles away. But he left the institution within a month due to the attraction of the soil and the people .And he again informally continued his teaching in Bholain Bazar High School. This is the unique example of such a dedicated life is Mr. Ghulam Mawla Sir for his motherland.

Survival does not mean biological survival, but immortality. Short life is lived forever through action. Even after the darkness of death, the illustrious returned to the next generation in a brighter form. Mr. Golam Mawla Sir has been able to do this.Finally show respect for his departure from his premature departure.

The writer is a freelancer. He can be reached at: tanvirahmedcou555

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