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Kudos to foreign minister's firm stand on Rohingya crisis

Kudos to foreign minister's firm stand on Rohingya crisis

When the government of our country does any constructive work, we generally appreciate,even though sometimes we become critical of its certain measures that we donot like. It is true that our government is working for the welfare of its people.

However, I would like to switch to my topic with a question: why do I want to thank our foreign minister (FM)? The answer is explicitly manifest in the title of the article mentioned above. Before giving a detailed account of the subject I feel inclined to say that it was my great intention to write a paper article, on "the only way to solve Rohingya crisis" but I gave up my idea, thinking that my views may contradict with the policy of the government on which it has been working since the emergence of the crisis.

Like all my countrymen here, as well as the international community, I have sympathy for the untold suffering and misery of the forcibly drivenRohingyas that Bangladesh has given shelter on humanitarian grounds at the request of the world community in particular. I am also thoroughly conscious of the heavy pressure of the crisis on our socio-economic, political and environmental conditions.

Anyway, on 10 September, 2019 in the evening while I was watching a Bangladeshi TV channel, I was careful enough to listen to the news and heard that our Foreign Minister (FM) wants American's strong position and co-operation on Rohingya crisis. Then my mind was filled with optimism and I decided to go on writing my views about the solution of the crisis without further delays.

We have already seen that our Prime Minister wants quick solution and for thisreason she had made relentless effort by consulting the matter with the heads many countries and sought their help in this respect. She even delivered her historic speech in the UNGA setting specific guidelines for the safe return of the Rohingyaswhom she sheltered for the time being. But unfortunately, Myanmar did not respond positively to take hack her citizens. Despite this, diplomatic pressure is still mounting through the global community.

Rohingya crisis is by and large an international issue which Bangladesh cannot solve alone without their co-operation. Myanmar's defiant mood and dilatory tactics hamper the process of repatriation. If china, a great global power, brings Bangladesh and Myanmar into a negotiating table, and then mediates the issue and pavesthe way for easy departure of the refugees, it will be well and good for both the countries and the victims as well. It all depends on the goodwill of China.

If this diplomatic gesture fails, what can Bangladesh do?It is not that much easy to answer it. Then we shall have to think in perspective of what our FM said on US hard stand and co-operation. So far as, I learn from his speeches on different occasions especially, with his meeting with foreign delegates and diplomats, he is the most competent FM that no previous governments of the country have appointed.

Our Prime Minister deserves special congratulation for choosing this extra-ordinary personality of strong determination and dynamic action. The foreign minister is carrying out his relentless effort with all his energy and brain in dealing with this gigantic task.

In one occasion he said that Myanmar should not be given anyconcession in matter of solution of the problem. We see thatwords and deeds do not go together with Myanmar. Even on Wednesday 11, 2019 while he was addressing in a seminar at PKSF Building,Agargaon in answer to questions posed by news reporters, he turned toMyanmar and sternly said, ''First take back the Rohingya, then they would build their own houses''. According to him Myanmar have to create a favourable environment so that they may return of their own accord. He asked Myanmar not to procrastinate in the name of building sheltering centre for the Rohingya.

The world knows that Bangladesh is a peace-loving country and does not cherish any aggressive attitude towards any nation. Does not Myanmar has any gumption about our foreign policy which is based on friendship towards all but malice towards none? If so, why do they behave coldly? Or are they taking advantage of our generosity and courtesy? It is certain that delaying is dangerous. So it is high time we rethought our approach.

Thediabolical attitude of the Myanmar government, their horrendous crimes and the evil design ofethnic cleansing of the innocent Rohingya minorities from their home country and forcing them to migrate into Bangladesh should be informed to the mighty US president Donald Trump. If he is convinced and his heart melts at their sufferings, most important break-through will result in. Then Myanmar can by no means stand against any decision taken him in favour of the Rohingyaconsidering it as human catastrophe.

Our FM may talk to the US president about the seriousness of the crisis or he can take the help of some of our friendly countries like Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India and Turkey for this purpose. We should strike the iron while it is hot. Pertinently some quotable lines from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar come to my mind: "There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.

Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries". Moreover, history furnishes us with fact that when the Bosnian Serbs in league with their accomplice in Serbia were massacring the Muslim population in Srebrenica and Herzegovina, the US forces under Bill Clinton began air raids in Serbia, then the Serbian government surrendered and halted their murderous mission. Later on, peace was restored at the cost of thousands of Muslim men and women killed. I think American mediation can bring out a speedy end of the crisis.

Otherwise, it would linger and escalate year after year and as such Bangladesh will have to pay a heavy price alongside the world. Notwithstanding this, the exodus of refugees that flooded our country will gradually erode and eat into the vitals of our nation and block all its roads towards achieving enviable development in the forth coming days.

During the life time of Bangabandhu Sheikh Majibur Rahman, the Father of the Nation no foreign country how strong it was, could never dare create problem for Bangladesh but his ideals, will always serve as a perennial source of inspiration for us to go ahead. Our FM is working in the right direction.

Emboldened by the ideals of Bangabandhu along with his determination, commitment and wisdom he will succeed in pursuing the most powerful nation of the world and their great President to help Bangladesh get rid of the crisis and save millions of lives fromdestruction. Once again we cannot but heartily thank him a lot for his bold and firm stand as well as enormous strides in handling the crisis tenaciously.

The writer is a critic, political analyst and Dean, School of Arts and Social Science and Director at Institutional Quality Assurance Cell, Britannia University, Cumilla. Email:

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