Published:  02:49 AM, 28 September 2019

Inhumanity! No other conspiracy behind the rumor!

Inhumanity! No other conspiracy behind the rumor!

The country is going on a strange camel! All the stories going on are like stories. In our country, one after another incident is occurring; previous time we had heard from our parents and neighbors need to Children head for making a new bridge.

The children are stopped going to School for fear of catchingaboy.The miraculous story of a nation still educated, standing at the doorstep of developing a science-oriented, IT-based world in the 21st century. The bridge is strengthened by catching a boy or cutting off the heads of children under the pillars of the bridge! I believe no modernday people believe this information.

In fact, the headless baby's body or baby's head is seen in Bangladesh. So why such inhumanity, cruelty, extreme barbarism, in line with the culture of the primitive era. A baby was found in the bag of a young man in "Netrokona", killing a young boy in the area. He was suspected of being a boy since then, and suspected gang-rape-like barbaric acts. About 5 to 6 people died on the spot in various places across the country.

Many are admitted to the hospital with injuries.Among the death toll victims of mass shootings, the media focus is on Taslima Begum Renu, North Badda, Dhaka. Renu Begum went to a school in North Badda to talk about her four-year-old daughter, Tuba, about admission to school but what barbarity, how cruel the ordinary Amazon was, without suspicion that she was caught only suspiciously boy and left her forever.

Taking photos and videos with mobiles and spreading them through social media, is one of them let's try a little friend did not realize that he really caught the son of a car or something else. Can't we just ask ourselves a little? Where is our humanity as a nation? When Renu's four-year-old daughter looks at her, who does not have tear in her eyes? The girl now does not understand that her mother will never return.

Another incident happened in Gazipur, the incident was much like the story of the movie, with husband and wife going to rickshaw in Gazipur as a friend of husband, arguing between husband and wife along the way, suddenly the wife was trying to tell the husband that the boy was caught, the boy was caught, the husband was also the wife.

Who was saying that the boy was caught, the boy was caught, then the present crowd washed both husband and wife. That is, the husband's friend was not excluded from the wash.The wife was shouting, 'Brothers stop I am the son of freedom fighter, but who heard who said that the deafness was deaf and blind.

Bangladesh is immersed in the darkness of rumor. Rumors, rumors and rumors are everywhere. Rumors, what is the rumor, it is the sound of the biggest terror of the people, the mosquito bite is not being taken to the dengue-infected patient. People are dying and even dengue is dying till the doctor. "Kolkata"rumor of a boy being found, the head of the lower part of the body (head) is found after several expeditions, the exact cause of the head is not known. Because the criminals have to die in the hands of the mob or in the crossfire.

Two events on the Padma Bridge issue: The first is that - when the Padma Bridge is inaugurated, the blood of the animals flows into the water when a bridge is performed according to the Chinese custom, just as when Bangladesh formally inaugurated the work of the Padma Bridge, the cow's blood flowed into the river. The incident occurred in various media and seventy-one televisions were discussed on Friday, July 27, 2019.

Secondly, the Chinese company said that the head of the Padma Bridge is the head, meaning the head means the people, the skilled people, the man with the head, the skilled people are needed.

The Bengali people understand that, like ourselves, we have seen rumors about other things, different times, different things, but in this age of social media, one incident at one end is easy enough to spread around the world within seconds. By doing that simple task, the unemployed working class men, whose sacks are very useful for spreading rotten, insidious, filthy, violent rumors.

Many experts believe that rumors are being used as a political tool because politics is not a part of human life. To get out of the rumor, society needs to be more alert. We need to be modern, humane and humanitarian.

In the wake of the rumor, it is imperative to investigate whether anyone is organizing any anti-state activities. Whatever is involved in any anti-state activity, the law of the state should be set up in the court of justice. We must show the world that we are not a nation listening to rumors; we are the pioneers of human welfare.

The writer is a freelancer

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