Published:  12:28 AM, 04 October 2019

A day without laughter is a day wasted

A day without laughter is a day wasted

Nawfa Nanziba Omama

Why would laughing be the only thing that makes my day?" I said to myself one cold evening, huddling in a blanket with tired, red eyes and a crabby mood. Indeed I've grown; grown to be a rather, tempestuous person. Even so, my grumpy childhood 'did' prove my glum of a mind wrong; the fact that all you need to do in order to get a fulfilling life is to keep on fighting and put on a glazed mask that reflected none of joy and shine.

 It's a cheesy saying for some, a deep and motivational quote for some and maybe utter nonsense to others. And I still have a long way to go, as in, to understand and 'live' the life I'm granted with; it's always been a lesson from my idol. "Life is to be lived, not survived." And I've learned more, as to adding the fruits of compromising at situations others wouldn't turn down.

School life's always been a subject to be frustrated on for me; not studies, they are another level of lawful torture. If I were to say, the my attendance at school never went up above 40 days per term and it was depressing enough to keep up with the pressure all together, with a weak body that could barely take a little rain and get feverish right after. Motive behind telling you, my anonymous reader, about my ongoing school life?

Well; to be exact, school isn't frustrating as before anymore. Sure the pressure has increased and, my abilities are being tested tremendously but, however, it's not as blue like then. Let's just say, school isn't as lonely like it used to be.

Every merry morning would start with the awfully boring assembly; but that never took the merry out of it. More to say, I'd always be early, and eagerly wait for my 3 only buddies that would simply make my day.

Only now when I've grown old enough to read situations life makes me go through, do I understand how 'important' it is for a person to have the least merriment in their daily lives. Walking back and forth does nothing; jamming to your favorite music does nothing; lazing around at home, stuck to your PC would do nothing and at the end when the Sun gives in on enlightening the day, you realize the times you could've used to, perhaps, do anything better than loafing about.

Ever since my eyes opened up to the 'real' world that wasn't just soil and trees, I realized how life was never going to give it to me. I either had to take it politely, or snatch it away for the best. Life isn't to be taken lightly, to be honest; it's the only chance and you get to choose your route end endings with infinite choices.

Indeed, life isn't always the same. It can be catastrophic; it can be a smooth walk at the park. However, it'll be all tasteless without a slight 'frivolous frolic', as I call it. A little refreshment of mind, the perfect treatment for the worrisome heart; tell me, what's better than true joviality when you're going through those phases stained with sorrow and worry?

Just as that, life isn't to be taken lightly; nor is it to be taken so solemnly that merriment is a forgotten fragment. As life has taught me, joy isn't to be lost and sorrow isn't to be held on to. A day decorated with the Sun's eager lime light 'would' be a waste, if not enjoyed even the smallest ounce.

Perhaps I'm still too young to comprehend such meaningful sayings, but i know for sure, that it certainly 'did' teach me how life isn't just about surviving and waddle through stages without a memory or happiness.

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