Published:  12:29 AM, 04 October 2019

'Farmside Agro Ltd': Example of being self-reliant for young entrepreneurs

'Farmside Agro Ltd': Example of being self-reliant for young entrepreneurs

There is a traditional old thought from the ancient time that those people who are less educated and deprived of proper education, they choose to be involved in business to earn their livelihood but in 21st century, it's the high time to break the taboo. Old thoughts are changing.

Faisal Bin Maleque is one of the game changing superheroes who have changed the concept of the old tradition and founded the Farmside Agro Ltd which can be the role model for thousands of jobless youths who are planning to be entrepreneurs.

After passing from Wills Flower School of Dhaka, Faisal Bin Maleque studied in Chattered Accounting (CA). After achieving his degree he established some educational institutions with his friends.

Faisal Bin Maleque and his friend Sabbir Hasan Khan who has completed his post graduation from Eastern University of UK along with two more friends Fahim Uddin Chowdhury and Al Farooque Ahmed took an initiative to establish a cow farm on 2017. They bought two cows at first for the farm.

Though it's unbelievable but true that within 2 years there are 100 cows in the farm now. On top of that, around 35 cows were sold out from the farm on the last Eid-Ul-Azha.

The name of the farm is Farmside Agro Ltd which is located at Rajendrapur in Singair upazila of Manikganj, the grandparent's house of Faisal. Where most of the youths of our generation become crazy for searching jobs and get depressed for not finding suitable employment opportunities after graduation,  Faisal and his friends choose the opposite track to walk in.

'Don't search job, be your own boss' following this concept they bought 2 bighas of land at Rajendrapur and bought 2 cows. Within only two years they have become successful to increase the space of the land from 2 bighas to 50 bighas and from 2 cows to 100 cows. Everyday around 150 liters of pure milk is produced from the farm which not only fulfilling the needs of nutrition but also creating earning opportunities.

While sharing experience with The Asian Age Faisal Bin Maleque said, 'after being trained from the Department of Livestock and investing own capital I started the farm with my friends on my paternal land; though I am not yet completely been profited but I am getting satisfaction from what I am doing.

I am very optimistic that If everything goes well and all the development plans become implemented regarding the farm, success will definitely come by the grace of Allah within next two or three years'.  

If anyone wants to get self motivation and plans to be an entrepreneur then one must visit the farm once. It is just 1 hour away from Dhaka city. Before entering inside the farm, it's necessary to get shoe sole soaked with the Potash water to destroy the germs for bio-security of the cows.

There is a dog named Lucy that has been taken from Germany for the security of the farm. The total area is under the control of multiple close circuits (CC) cameras. If any cows become sick there is a little hospital inside the farm. Sick cows are transferred to their special room when they remain under treatment by skilled Veterinarians.

Faisal and his friends use all modern technologies in their farm. Moreover they are providing 24-hours bio-gas services from the cow-dung through which more than 25 families near the farm can cook three-time food easily so the local people are also very happy and positive about the farm.  

There are six cowherds working in the farm who look after the cows, bring fresh grass from fields, feed them, clean dung and ensure the comfort of the cows. They report the condition and problems if arises about the cows to the manager of the farm.

While bathing the cows one of the cowherds Chan Mia told The Asian age with a smiling face that there are various types of cows in the farm. Dipjol, Gopalbhar, Rongbaj, Sundori, Golapi and others. Chan Mia addresses the cows with these names while pampering them. He enjoys his work very much and loves to spend time with the cows.

 'A good boss is better than a good company' quoting these lines the manager of Farmside Agro Ltd Md Rana told that all his four bosses are really very caring about the farm and the cows. They provide well facilities to all the employees of the farm.

Entrepreneur Faisal Bin Maleque's message for the beginners that if one has enough patience, ability and mentality to overcome from some certain losses then one should be ready for a big shot to be an entrepreneur and make own identity.    

The writer is a Sub-editor of Asian Age

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