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Ingredients of Vegetable Chowmein

Ingredients of Vegetable Chowmein

*    200 Gram Fresh noodles

*    5 Cups Water

*    1 tsp Salt

*    2 Tbsp Oil

*    1 tsp Ginger garlic paste

*    1 tsp Chilli powder

*    1/4 Cup Onion, sliced

*    1/2 tsp Soy sauce

*    1 tsp Salt

*    1/4 Cup Celery, chopped

*    1 tsp Vinegar

*   1 tsp Chilli sauce

*    1 Cup Green and red capsicum

*    1 Cup Mushroom

*   1 Cup Carrot, shredded

*    1 Green chillies, chopped

*   1 Tbsp Tomato sauce

*    1 Tbsp Spring onion

*    1 tsp Garlic, chopped

*   1/2 tsp Black pepper powder


1. Take water in a pan, add salt followed by olive oil and bring to boil.

2.  Add noodles and cook 'bite like' -- just blanch if fresh and cook longer if dry.

3. Drain immediately and cool under running water till noodles are thoroughly cooled.

4. Work 1 tablespoon of the oil into the noodles and leave in the colander till required.

5. Keep aside a small bowl of green chilli dipped in vinegar for garnishing.

6. Now, heat some oil in a heavy bottom pan and stir- fry garlic, ginger garlic paste and onions over high heat till onions are golden brown.

7. Add celery and mushrooms followed by red and green capsicum along with carrot. Stir well.

8. Now add salt, black pepper powder, tomato sauce, chilli sauce, soy sauce and vinegar to veggie mixture. Mix well.

9. Add the noodles to this and stir well till it is thoroughly mixed Vegetable Chowmein

10. Garnish with red capsicum and pour the prepared green-chilli vinegar mix on top.

11. Serve hot.

Chicken Pasta


*    1 Cup Water

*    2 tsp Salt

*   1.5 tsp Olive Oil

*    1/2 Cup Penne Pasta

*    2 Pieces Butter

*    1/2 Cup Boiled Chicken

*    2 tsp Black pepper

*    1 tsp Garlic

*    1 tsp Celery

*    1 tsp Chilli flakes

*    2 Tbsp Carrot

*    2 Tbsp Beans

*    2 Tbsp Chicken Stock

*   1/2 Cup Pasta Water

*    1 Tbsp Cream

*    2 tsp Cheese, shredded


1. Take water in large bowl on flame, and bring to simmer.

2. Add salt once it starts boiling and let it boil till the bubbles starts occurring.

3. Now add olive oil and Penne pasta to the boiling water.

4. Now take a pan and put butter.

5. Heat it for a while and add boiled chicken to the pan.

6. Saute it a little, add salt and black pepper. Mix well.

7. Pour some olive oil and add garlic, celery, chilli flakes and black pepper.

8. Mix it to add carrot, beans, chicken stock and salt.

9. Saute them well and add water. Let it cook on the flame and keep stirring it well.

10. Now add cream and mix it well till it changes the colour of to light brown.

11. Add the boiled pasta to the mix.

12. Mix it well to immerse all of the pasta in the mixture.

13. Now add shredded cheese and let it cook further.

14. Serve hot with added garnishing of shredded cheese on the top.

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