Published:  01:17 AM, 09 October 2019

Charles Hartshorne

Charles Hartshorne

Charles Hartshorne was an American philosopher who concentrated primarily on the philosophy of religion and metaphysics, but also contributed to ornithology. He developed the neoclassical idea of God and produced a modal proof of the existence of God that was a development of St. Anselm's ontological argument. Hartshorne is also noted for developing Alfred North Whitehead's process philosophy into process theology. After Hartshorne worked at Harvard University, he became a professor of philosophy at the University of Chicago (1928-1955), and was also a member of the University's Federated Theological Faculty (1943-1955). He then taught at Emory University (1955-62), followed by the University of Texas (1962-retirement). He published his last article at age 96 and delivered his last lecture at 98.

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