Published:  01:26 AM, 10 October 2019

The forgiveness

The forgiveness

Shezan's mother left him in the orphanage when he was a new born baby.  A kind man Wilson and his wife Hanna adopted him and raised him as their child. He is now a fashion photographer. He has made many unknown girls famous models. Many girls dream of taking pictures by him.

But last week one model accused him for assaulting her. Since then many unknown facts have been coming out in the newspapers. People are asking to ban him. Wilson and Hanna know that Shezan become derailed and fears that when he has to go to jail. They think if he finds a good-hearted lady, he would change.

An English twenty something girl, named Samantha is his fan, so she travelled all the way from England to America. She emailed the photographer that she wanted to meet him. He was free at Saturday, so he agreed to meet her at his studio. When Samantha arrived, he was shooting with two girls.

At first encounter, Shezan felt something deep inside his heart for her. He walked towards her, and then she went backward. "I know that I am a bit different, and shooting with these girls, because they are my friends. I am sorry, if you feel bad about it," he said. Samantha went another step back, "no, its okay, I just wanted to speak to you personally''. The girls stepped out.

Samantha told that she was a huge fan of him, and liked his beautiful pictures. "Thanks for coming all the way from America. I want to invite you for dinner tomorrow as you are a blind fan of mine", he said. "It is a great idea," she replied.  Then she left. At that night, sleeping at his bed, he could only think of Samantha. He called her at midnight. She answered the phone and they had a long conversation. What he likes? What she likes? Both of them want to know a lot about them.

Monday has arrived. Samantha had worn a red dress with golden earrings. Shezan wore a black suit and pants. They ordered spaghetti with meatball and seared Fish with Sauce Verde. It was time for them to leave.

At last Shezan told her she looks pretty and from this day they can be friends. After that every day they meet. And one day when she was wearing a yellow full sleeves boat neck dress, he asked her if he could take a picture of her. He took a picture, and then she kissed him, and left. The next morning she saw her picture in a magazine that Shezan took last night. Soon media asked her several questions, but she couldn't bear it and went to meet him.

She became furious he was having party for his success. "I did not want my picture to be famous," Samantha told him. "I use you to make myself famous," he replied. Samantha walked sadly out. She was suffering from depression to hear all this from his mouth. She had been thinking how he could use her! She thought he loved her. After a week Shezan went to Samantha apartment.

"I am sorry, I am really a cheap man, I've never found love, and when I found you I used you, please accept my love and forgive me'', he explained. Both Samantha and he knew that it was too hard to forgive, but she is a good-hearted lady and she forgave his mistake. Then they tied the knot. As the old man and his wife said Shezan changed completely after Samantha forgave her.

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----Nazibah Rahman

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