Published:  01:49 PM, 03 November 2019

Relevance of thoughts before taking decisions

Human beings need to generate proper thoughts in life. This is required in each and every phase of our life. All around the globe people are deeply thoughtful in their actions;in the same way it is equally relevant in all South Asian nations.

Through the process of thoughts we tend to undertake several policy decisions which are of benefit to us in the pursuit of career growth. Now we are well aware of the fact that sea changes are taking place in every academic and professional discipline.

Before carrying out our tasks we think in a way so that it proves fruitful.Sometimes it happens such that our tasks in respective fields of operations do not bear fruit whereas in most of the cases we find that it achieves total success. Though proper thoughts are necessary in this regard, hard work is no less important.

Modern eras are also rated as decades of change in every professional and academic discipline. So in the midst of these changing ambiences we find that deep rooted thoughts also act as the motivating factor so as to accelerate the pace of growth in our life.

Starting from academic life of human beings we find that in other phases of life like familial, corporate, during the time of exercising franchise, professional and academic life, generation of thoughts in its proper perspectives is essential. Now the moot point lying in this regard is the way to generate thoughts in our mind. The task no doubt is difficult but efforts (as already stated) should be initiated by us through calm, cool and composed temperament and also through reading books in English and different other languages.

 If we are able to generate any concrete thoughts, the joy and ecstasy which we will be able to generate in our life is indescribable in words. That is why it can be uttered without any doubts that how thoughts are so deeply relevant in our life. Thus in the subsequent paragraph it is my humble task to analyze deeply on how to analyze relevance of thoughts in life for our career betterment in life.

Thoughts act as positive attributes in life. It is not only relevant in all European and American countries same way it bears utmost relevance all over South Asian nations just similar to South East Asian nations too. Modern world has become terribly complicated in the midst of sea changes taking place all around the globe.

In the midst of these prevailing situations we find that complexities of our modern life styles are badly eating up the vitals of our life. So in these complex situations we find that generations of proper thoughts sound utmost relevant then only our successes in our lives arrive in due course of time.

So as per the views of practicing counseling psychologists and human resource experts human beings are deeply motivated to generate thoughts in life. Even if human beings suffer from any complex situations we should not broke down so easily rather with utmost bravery and generation of thoughts upon us we tend to overcome difficult situations in life and then only the real joy and mirth appear in our life. Still there are some ways and means by which we are able to generate thoughts in life among all some of the common ones are stated as follow:
l    We must think positives about all human beings.
l    Through the process of thoughts we tend to drive away all negatives in life.
l    Through the relevance of thoughts we always remain happy.
l    Proper and concrete thoughts always coincide with other thoughts.
l    If we fell in an awkward situations in life instead of breaking down badly we must think positively then we automatically derive our successes.
l    Through the mode of positive thoughts we generate happiness in life.

Thoughts are basically of two types, such as positive and negative thoughts. But as per our common sense goes by, we must think of positive attitudes in life. Then only success in our respective discipline will arrive in due course of time.

So below some of the common advantages are stated as follow:
l    Thoughts are a motivating factor in the acceleration of our life span.
l    Positive thought reduces levels of depression.
l    Positive thought always motivates human beings towards sound health.
l    Positive thoughts always motivate us towards good longevity.
l    Positive thoughts motivate us to cope with any hardships and stress related issues in life.

Judging the above inference it can be deduced that thoughts are always relevant in life. In this regard roles by counseling psychologists and human resource experts stand as paramount importance as they always to the common citizens to think always positive thoughts and also overcome distressing situations with ease and comfort. Then the real joy and happiness will arise in our life. Hence relevance of positive thoughts in life cannot be ignored in our life.

The writer is based in Kolkata

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