Published:  02:25 AM, 05 November 2019

Chittaranjan Das

Chittaranjan Das

Chittaranjan Das was one of the most prominent political and nationalist personalities in Bengal when Bengal was going through a very crucial time of ideological and political change.

During the Non-Cooperation movement, Das became a symbol of patriotism and courage. He was the one who first started to boycott everything British, including clothes.

Das was a lawyer by profession and made a name for himself when he returned to India after finishing his studies abroad, took up law practice and defended the great Sri Aurbindo Ghose in a court suit filed against him. He took active part in the Non-Cooperation movement with Gandhi and even went to jail in the process.

But after the failure of the movement, he became disillusioned and proposed a strategy to end dyarchy but Congress did not accept it and he formed his own party - Swarajya Party - along with Motilal Nehru. Chittaranjan Das was born in 1870 in Bikrampur, Dhaka (now Bangladesh) in to the famous Das family of Telirbagh to Bhuban Mohan Das.

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