Published:  12:28 AM, 06 November 2019

Judiciary should be pivotal in the shaping of society

Judiciary should be pivotal in the shaping of society

Judiciary plays an important part in the shaping up of constitution of any developing nation of the globe. Judiciary is also responsible for accelerating the pace of societal development.

We are well aware of that as per the basic tenets of United Nations Organizations based in New York, US, global societies in each continent of the globe should be of such dynamic and vibrant natures in that feature we find that the roles of judiciaries across the globe are always treated as a commendable feature.

In every country around the globe, we find that there are Supreme Courts which are responsible for the upliftment of societies all across the globe.

As per international legal arenas are concerned, the International Court of Justice based at The Hague in a European nation The Netherlands is responsible to coordinate the legal activities of countries in each continents of the globe.

The way the Kulbhusan Yadav episode was interpreted at The Hague speaks about the way judiciary in the international arenas are rising up to glorious heights. Yadav has been badly incinerated in a Pakistani Jail. Pakistan government has been very unethical to him for a pretty long time. 

Those who are transparent lawyers they always visualize law in its positive frame of mind so that each sections of populace should be accorded equal legal verdicts across the globe. These way societies of the globe always rise up to dizzy heights. As I write this piece from India for a popular English language daily of Dhaka city so it sounds ethical on my part to focus on sensitive peace exclusively upon India and Bangladesh.

How judiciary is responsible in shaping up of the societies

Judiciary plays a vital role in shaping up of societies in modern eras. It is not only relevant in several countries under European and American continent but it is equally relevant all over South Asian nations. In countries under American and European continents we find that Supreme Court has been responsible in shaping up of societies in order to present rosy picture in front of International Communities.

Corruption is omnipresent all over the globe but interesting point to be noted is that if any corruption takes place in Western countries then the Supreme Court of those nations plays such pivotal roles which are no doubt an eye opener to global communities. Same way in South Asian nations we find that corruption has become an endemic all around the Subcontinent.

Though judiciary in India and in other South Asian nations are playing stringent roles to shape up the societies especially against political fraternities and also against richer classes but the pity part is that actions taken is not up to the mark. This is because there is too much of political interference which in no way retards the sanctity of South Asian history and culture.

However needs to be initiated right from now onwards otherwise how judiciary can shape up societies. As I write this piece from Indian city of Kolkata along with writing for a popular English language daily of Dhaka, Bangladesh hence it is my humble duty to focus chiefly upon two prominent South Asian nations, India and Bangladesh.

There are various ways and on account of which judiciary should rise up to the occasions in the sphere of shaping up of societies. Among all the ways and means some of the common ways and means are stated as follow:

*    Judiciary is always responsible for shaping up of societies all around the globe.

*    Judiciary always warns the government to be truthful towards the societies of each nation around the globe.

*    Judiciary should be transparent in corporate world as well as professional world.

*    Even Prime Ministers, Presidents and Monarchs of developing nations should strictly adhere to the basic tenets of Judiciary.

*    Judiciary always emphasizes equal judgment for people of all sections of societies.

*    In case of criminal acts judiciary is always active in rendering proper and transparent judgment to the victims of any criminal activities thereby real criminals are nabbed and punished severely.

Now coming to Indian and Bangladeshi perspectives, we are well aware of that apart political boundaries all other aspects remain fully identical till date.

Though the modern eras are rated as criminal eras in South Asian continent but in spite of these prevailing situations we find that Judiciary is playing pivotal and towering roles so that society revamps and advances for the welfare of common masses of both masses. Such as in India, one former finance minister of the Union government has now been interned in prison on account of various types of crimes.

So one point should be very clear to all of us that at the present juncture judiciary has been strengthened to such a state of affairs any types of crime is not at all tolerated rather people have become terribly scary about current functioning of judiciary. Anyhow independence to judiciary should be treated as extremely relevant. In India Lok Pal and  Lok Adalat  will always be regarded as path breakers  in the task of rendering of proper judgment.

The writer is a freelance contributor based in Kolkata

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