Published:  01:19 AM, 06 November 2019

Donald Lewes Hings

Donald Lewes Hings

Donald Lewes Hings, CM MBE was a Canadian inventor, born in Leicester UK. In 1937 he created a portable radio signaling system for his employer CM&S, which he called a "packset", but which later became known as the "Walkie-Talkie". While Hings was filing a U.S. patent for the packset in Spokane, Washington in 1939, Canada declared war on Germany. CM&S sent Hings to Ottawa to redevelop his new invention for military use, and he worked there from 1940 to 1945. During these years, he developed a number of models, including the successful C-58 Walkie-Talkie which eventually sold eighteen thousand units produced for infantry use, and for which he received the MBE in 1946 and the Order Of Canada in 2001.

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