Published:  12:58 AM, 07 November 2019

Rickshaw movement banned on key Ctg road

Rickshaw movement banned on key Ctg road Due to heavy traffic jam, it takes two to four hours to reach the airport for passengers.

Rickshaw movement has been stopped about four kilometers road from Dewanhat circle to Barik building circle to keep the busiest airport road in Chattogram city free of traffic.

According to a previous announcement by the CMP's traffic department, the decision is being implemented from Wednesday, Deputy Police Commissioner (Port) Mohammad Tarek Ahmed said.

He said that as the Bank Para is in the Agrabad commercial area and vehicle movement from KEPZ and CEPZ area through this road, passengers moving to airport used to face heavy traffic jam.

Thousands of cars drive daily from Dewanhat to the Brick Building Road. Due to rickshaws, traffic congestion is getting more intense. The issue was discussed with the Rickshaw Owners Association and the Chattogram City Corporation. This initiative is being implemented with the agreement of all.

It is reported that the rickshaw movement from Dewanhat to Barik Building is stopped, but the rickshaw will be able to cross the road east to the west of the intersection of Choumuhani intersection and Badamtali. However, no vehicle will be able to stand within a hundred yards of the turn.

The traffic department of CMP is campaigning for the decision. Passengers are also being notified. Apart from this, specific uniform has been fixed for rickshaw pullers in the city. The concerned have been asked to collect certain uniform. If this initiative becomes successful, the rickshaw movement will be stopped on other important roads of the city.

Hundreds of travelers come and go daily through city's airport road. Passengers have to cross a number of other intersections including Bahaddarhat, GEC intersection, Dewanhat and Agrabad from Kalurghat to the airport. Rickshaw is one of the reasons behind these daily commutes.

Many passengers are failing to catch scheduled flights due to traffic congestion. The distance from GEC intersection to Shah Amanat airport is 18 km. It takes a maximum of 30 minutes to drive this route at normal speed. But due to traffic, it is taking two to four hours to divert the road.

City Planner Architect Ashik Imran told that CDA Avenue is the main road in Chattogram. The rickshaw should never be allowed to operate on this road. At one time, rickshaw movement was stopped at Sheikh Mujib Road in Agrabad. Due to unknown reasons, the ban is lifted and the rickshaw is moving again. An initiative was also taken to stop the rickshaw movement. But it was not implemented.

"We demand that the rickshaw movement on CDA Avenue must be stopped," he said. A rickshaw can never be a transport in a civilized city. Since the middle class people use this vehicle, the rickshaws should remain in the alley. But the initiative should be taken so that the rickshaw doesn't operate on the main road. The initiative taken to stop rickshaw movement on the Dewanhat-Barik Building Road requires successful implementation.

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