Published:  01:04 AM, 07 November 2019

Four poems of Fatema Zohra Haque

 Four poems of Fatema Zohra Haque


It must be a while after you leave
Scattered thoughts, dry emotions, broken hearts
And in this chilled dwellings
It is the breeze that I embrace.

For nights and days, always
I would be lonely as if forever.
Oh, how have I wronged you then
Today dense and dewy grass

Bury her tears with that of mine
You whom I used to know
Disappeared forever in the faraway
The towering trees sway

With a heavy heart in pensive mood
As I shake by trembling heart!
The peace we shared secretly
Is haunted by ill- spirit!

Yet as a bereaved soul
It is the memories I embrace
In passion for sands of ocean
And for night's constellation.

Love or lovelessness

Idly we strolled
In fading world of the late fall
The twilling breeze in secret flight
Passes through our melancholic heart.

As dusk spreads hazy ebony
Across us-
Quietly we paced away
There is nothing more to say-

Shedding tears al along
Gathering endless sorrow flowers
Blown by the misty wind,
I returned all alone

I returned leaving colour.
Indeed, everything was genuine
Everything around us became serene
Like the great tree of eternity,

Our love or lovelessness
Will be towering in silence.

Away from loathing and love

I have returned to your bosom
As a lonesome pigeon.
Moaning in the woods of darkness
I feel so near to your hearts chamber

Who else can I have!
But you in my deep embrace.
The encompassing love's heaven
Beckoning like a wondering star.

It seems love is growing bluish
Like those pastures grass
In this winter breeze
In need of a dark universe

Two souls sway in natures pulse
Away from loathing and love.

Memories all fly away
Memories all fly away
Towards the milky way.
Passing the edge of night
They had a swift flight

Needless to hold them back
In my mind always-
But they remains eternally silent.
Even when every sound fades, and

Music ends from my heart's core
Memories all take wings
In soul's silent moon beams.
In space dwells only those memories

And in my mind they have dark dominion.
Let all those memories fly, fly high
In winter's moo struck wind
All my those lonesome night dreams.

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