Published:  12:59 AM, 08 November 2019

Winter vegetable get boosts in Chattogram

Winter vegetable get boosts in Chattogram Farmers taking care of a vegetable field in Chattogram. -AA

Many farmers in the district are passing busy time growing early winter vegetables. Early winter cabbage, bean, carrot, cauliflower, spinach, red spinach, water spinach, Malaber spinach and snake bean grow well in the district. The cultivators make extra profit from the produce every season.

The vegetables will start appearing in the market by November, growers added. According to the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), over 1,680 hectares of land have brought under early winter vegetable cultivation in the district with the production target of around 2,290 tonnes. Locally-produced vegetables are sent to Dhaka, Tangail, Narayanganj, Chattogram and some other districts.

DAE officials said more than 30,000 farmers in the area are engaged with the production of vegetable this season.Early winter vegetable production is profitable. The Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC) supplied quality seeds to the growers. local farmers said this year they cultivated vegetables comfortably due to sufficient rainfall.

They said they are expecting a record quantity of production if there is no major natural disaster  in the country.Chandu Mia, a farmer in Chattogram , said he has cultivated cabbage on his two bighas of land but failed to harvest it as his produces were damaged by diamond back moth paste attack.

He also urged the local agriculture department for providing necessary assistance for dealing with the paste attack.According to the district Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), 60 percent of the country's  total vegetable production comes from the distirct.

The vegetables produced here are supplied to the capital and other parts of the country.DAE additional deputy director, said  Chattogram is famous as a vegetable zone of the country and the farmers here are cultivating various types of vegetables in their land round the year.

Concern authority source said, a large number of farmers of the area are producing huge amount of vegetables   using eco-friendly pheromone trap instead of harmful pesticides. Different varieties of toxic-free vegetable including egg-plant, pointed-gourd, bitter-gourd, snake-gourd and jhinga are being grown in several villages of the district using the trap, source said.

While visiting, found that the farmers of the district are passing busy time to grow early winter vegetable sweating in the sunny heat for achieving a bumper production of the crop. The farmers have already started preparing the land to cultivate more profitable vegetable, like, cauliflower, cabbage, radish, brinjal, spinach, lady's finger, bean, tomato and lalshak and others species in cropland with the help of local agricultural offices.

Farmers said, the vegetable growers have to spend a large amount of money on insecticides on their vegetable fields but Pheromone trap is a chemical capsule. It is kept in a plastic bottle half-filled with water. The female sex hormone insects that attract the male who get drowned into the water kept in the bottle of the pheromone trap.

Farmers are achieving fresh and good yield of winter vegetables adopting latest production techniques in Chattogram  district.

"I have cultivated bean on 21 decimal of land this season spending Tk 8,500 to pay fertilizer, pesticide and seed cost as well as using technologies," said farmer Nur Islam of the district.

"I am getting expected bumper production by using the technology." he said.They have started achieving fresh and good output adopting latest techniques to produce quality breeder seeds for increasing production of the traditional crops, said deputy director of Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC).

Meanwhile, DAE urged farmers to use latest techniques for production, preservation and utilization of breeder seeds evolved by Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI).

farmers are taking care at the vegetable cropland enduring rough weather to make the program a success. They are selling over half tonnes of fresh vegetables every day.

Deputy Director of DAE Rafiqul Islam said, the farmers are growing three to four crops in a land applying latest technologies with assistance of agriculture officers. Farmers can grow three time extra commodities with the technologies, he added.

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