Published:  01:30 AM, 10 November 2019

'Statutory control for urbanization'

'Statutory control for urbanization'

Town planning in any country is mandatory to bring under statutory control for sustainable and planned urbanization and due attention will have to be paid to the International Manual of Planning Practice as the authority recognized from the United States, UNESCO, UN-Habitat and the council of Europe.

Housing and Works Minister S M Rezaul Karim said the effort of town planning will have to bring under statutory control so that all activities centering urbanization abide by law in the days to come, together with the campaign program to follow the house building policy. S M Rezaul Karim yesterday came up these remarks while he inaugurated the procession organized by Bangladesh Institute of Planners in order to celebrate the World Town Planning Day at the TSC of Dhaka University.

He also emphasized the importance of town planners as the whole world moves forward for sustainable and planned urbanization and the world has been celebrating it since November 8, 1949. This year Bangladesh Institute Planners in cooperation with Rajuk and BRAC Urban Development Program recognized the theme-town planning in district and upazila of Bangladesh.

The International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) equally values its memberships with institutional members and membership regulation explains what it means to be a member of the ISOCARP. Besides, the organization has brought together the world's planning practitioners at the World Planning Congress for 54 years without a break.

According to town planners, in Bangladesh, general understanding of urban planning is the preparation of Master Plan for cities and towns. Common people are also familiar with this concept. However, the plan was prepared in Bangladesh way before this act was promulgated. British planner Sir Patrick Gaddees prepared a plan for Dhaka in 1917.

The remarks from the analysts show that large cities in the country are planned and managed partially by their respective development authorities. Outside the large cities, the responsibility of planning and planned management rest with the municipalities.

At present LGED is monitoring the preparation of district and upazila town plan to some extent. It is helping municipalities in getting a plan for their future development activities. All these plans are being prepared by consultants with the direct cooperation of municipalities, while LGED is providing technical support in monitoring the plan preparation activities, works ministry sources said.

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