Published:  02:41 AM, 10 November 2019

Henry Jackson

Henry Jackson

Henry Jackson van Dyke Jr. was a noted author, poet, clergyman and academician, best known for his role in the publication of the 1906 liturgical work 'The Book of Common Worship'. Thereafter, he continued to write while also integrating literature into his sermons. At the age of 47, van Dyke gave up his position in the ministry to become an English professor at the 'Princeton University', a position he occupied for the next 23 years. However, in the 1910s, he took a break from teaching to become the US ambassador to Netherland. He later fought in the First World War as well. Henry Jackson van Dyke Jr. was born on November 10, 1852, in Germantown, Pennsylvania into a family of Dutch origin.

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