Published:  12:35 AM, 25 November 2019

Wear mascara daily?

Wear mascara daily?

Ashley Anand

With eyes being the central feature of the face, it is only befitting that we pay so much attention to them. Which is why we all swear by the humble mascara. However, as much as it is an undeniable makeup staple in every woman's arsenal, wearing mascara daily can have unpleasant effects on your eyes - especially if accompanied without proper care.

Not only do mascaras dry out your eyelashes, it has also been clinically proven to thin out your lashes as well. As such, effective lash care habits are essential to ensure your lashes stay lush, strong and healthy. Head on over to the gallery above for eight effective tips every avid mascara user should swear by!

1. Moisturize your lashes

Contrary to popular belief, lashes need moisturizing too! Try hydrating those lashes with natural substances like coconut oil, castor oil and Vaseline. This counters the detrimental overuse of mascara.

2. Invest in a mascara primer

A good mascara primer can not only create a better mascara application, it can also protect and strengthen your lashes (if infused with the right ingredients). As such, if you're a daily mascara user, it is ideal to invest in a quality mascara primer that preps your lashes and nourishes them for a fuller, stronger and thicker lashes - particularly since you're using them everyday!

3. Choose your mascara wisely

With an innumerable number of toxic ingredients in our everyday makeup products, it can be challenging to choose quality mascara that won't damage your eyelashes. Avoid mascaras that contain harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, synthetic and tar dyes!

4.  Avoid rubbing your eyes

As tempting as it is to rub those eyes after an exhausting day in the office, this seemingly obvious tip not only prevents the formation of under-eye fine lines and wrinkles, but also stops you from causing your lashes to be brittle and dried out.

5. Watch what you eat

You'd be astonished by the effortlessly simple ways that can create fuller lashes. For one, you can eat a healthy diet composing of requisite nutrients like Vitamin D and E and always remove your eye makeup before bed. There is nothing more damaging than sleeping with all those mascara coats on your lashes!

6. Invest in a mascara conditioner

Mascara conditioners are not a gimmick - in fact, a good one can really condition your lashes effectively. These fortifying formulas not only just hydrate but also add volume to your lashes!

7. Try Latisse

To achieve that coveted doe-eyed lash look, you need to give Latisse a go. This prescription lengthens, thickens and also strengthens your lashes - ideal for those who encounter a lot of lash fall-out due to frequent mascara usage.

8. Take Biotin

Biotin is another power ingredient that is absolutely essential for cell growth. Try consuming Biotin supplements daily as they help to strengthen hair, skin and nails to give you that youthful glow!

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