Published:  12:42 AM, 02 December 2019

Worldwide waffling

Worldwide waffling

New cases of polio linked to the oral vaccine have been reported in four African countries and more children are now being paralyzed by vaccine-derived viruses than those infected by viruses in the wild, according to global health numbers. The World Health Organization (WHO) and partners identified nine new cases caused by the vaccine in Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic and Angola last week. Along with seven other African countries with outbreaks, cases have also been reported in Asia.

Conservative candidates in the general election have been issued with a detailed dossier on how to attack Labour and Liberal Democrat rivals which contains numerous rehashed and potentially misleading claims, the Guardian can reveal. The documents accuse the Liberal Democrats of pushing "pro-pimp" policies and sex work as a career for schoolchildren. They also reheat a discredited claim that Labour's policy on free movement would lead to 840,000 migrants coming to the UK each year. Drafted by the Conservative research department, the documents are designed to provide candidates with approved messages to use on doorsteps across the country. Some draw on pledges made in the run-up to the 2015 election, or take statements out of context.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has lauded the Duchess of Sussex as "a remarkable person", describing being a part of the royal family as "a life sentence". The senior bishop of the Church of England made his comments while speaking with broadcaster Emma Barnett on the BBC Radio 5 show Emma Barnett Gets Answers. While speaking about topics including UK politics, mental health and life in the public eye, the archbishop expressed his admiration for the royal family, saying that they exhibit a "sheer sense of duty and commitment".

Something strange is sailing toward us. Something small and cold and extraordinarily fast. No one knows where it came from, or where it is going. But it's not from around here. This is an interstellar comet - an ancient ball of ice and gas and dust, formed on the frozen outskirts of a distant star, which some lucky quirk of gravity has tossed into our path. To astronomers, the comet is a care package from the cosmos - a piece of a place they will never be able to visit, a key to all the worlds they cannot directly observe. It is only the second interstellar interloper scientists have seen in our solar system.

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