Published:  12:10 AM, 03 December 2019

Bangladesh will move forward with modern information technology

Bangladesh will move forward with modern information technology

Today's twenty-first century in the world is much ahead by the contribution of civilization and culture. The people involved in the information war can be divided into three classes. First, those born in the second half of the twentieth century, second, those born in the seventies and eighties of the twentieth century and third, who were born in the early twentieth century.

That is, we need to consider how adults, middle-aged and young people are seeing and coping with the 21st Century. We will see that our everlasting world is no longer, as it should be. The world is changing and that is why this change is inevitable. But the change we are seeing now is not just a change of time. This is an overwhelming change, which is overwhelmingly fast, and the purpose of this change is the creation of the information age.

 It is true that we are facing cultural aggression. We are also facing the advent of the information age. The issue of cultural aggression is not new, in the meantime we were and will be. The advent of the information age is recent. But we have to deal with both. There is no need to reiterate today that during the colonial British and communal Pakistan period, we were subjected to cultural aggression. In addition, the British launched attack to our political, economic and social arena to maintain their colonial rule.

However, their biggest disadvantage was communalism. In this subcontinent, the poisoning of sectarianism would not spread so terribly unless the British were its originators. They spread the empire of languages on the one hand, and created communal power on the other hand. The creation of Pakistan was the latest cultural invasion of the British against us and the invasion of Bengali language by Pakistan was the most naked manifestation of it.

Culture does not simply mean songs, music, plays, movies or literature. Culture is the flow of life. Culture refers to life and the sum of life. Changing the culture is a change in our lives. In another sense, life is a change of culture. Invasion of the culture means, therefore, any attack on life. It should be noted, however, that the language movement is the highest protest against the invasion of imperialism in our culture. During the Pakistan era, many wrote that writing Bangla in Arabic, banning Rabindranath and banning Nazrul, etc. was a cultural attack.

The Pakistanis stormed us in one place and we took its revenge. Pakistanis have surrendered themselves to cultural aggression. They used Arabic letters instead of Urdu fonts. They have immersed the civilization and culture of modern India for at least two thousand years of ancient and backward culture. As a result, they are neither Arabs nor Indians. They wanted to impose their culture on us as a tribal chief. We have rebelled and succeeded. The establishment of the state of Bangladesh is the success of that continuing protest.

But in the seventy-one we could not exaggerate the aggressive force, we were the only conquerors. We could not keep that victory for too long. Within a short time of establishment of Bangladesh, our success was on the verge of failure. Today, it has been proved that no one is a true Bengali leader except Bangabandhu. He was the only Bengali who established Bangla, Bengali and Bengali language as the center of the only Bangla language in the world.

We are celebrating International Mother Language Day. The first person to deserve this glory is Bangabandhu himself. In 1974, he spoke in Bengali language in the United Nations and established Bengali language and Bengali in the world. Today we are afraid of cultural aggression and must follow Bangabandhu. Like him, if we can stand up to the whole world and say 'I am Bangali, Bangladesh is my country, Bengali is my language' then no aggression can control us.

The movement of fundamentalism in the recent past is just the manifestation of a different form of Pakistani cultural aggression. Pakistanis are still conspiring. After the death of Bangabandhu, the state of Bangladesh loses its main character. It could be called a counter-revolution.

The fact that we established Bangladesh by conquering it is in the face of a catastrophic change in the constitution by changing the principles of the state. In the beginning of the state of Bangladesh, we are surrendering to the aggressive culture as much as we are moving away from advertising.

We call the constitution of 1972 the best constitution of this country. That is why, every time the original principles of that constitution have been amended, the sanctity of the constitution has been destroyed. Thus, every time we withdraw from the Declaration of Independence, the main character of this state is lost.

In fact, aggression is coming from our house. We are changing the culture of our home and that is the biggest aggression. Outside power could never defeat Bengal and Bengalis. The money that we spent on the development of Bengali language is very insignificant. During the regime of BNP rule, its government had the least attention to it.

At that time, am amount was allocated for research on language but that money has returned to the finance ministry. No work was done at that time. The computer department at the University of Engineering did not work or did not use the money.

During the last decade, under the strong leadership of the Hon'ble Prime Minister, poverty alleviation is reducing, the overall economy of the country has gone up, and the present trend is satisfactory. The socioeconomic context there are discrimination among the rich and the poor and new class with wealth has emerged. In spite of this, our economy is overall good. The law and order situation has improved, peace and discipline have returned to national life. Militant and terrorist activities have stopped.

Social anarchy, misconduct and corruption, mismanagement has reduced greatly. In order to create a happy, prosperous and developed Bangladesh in the 21st Century, priority should be given to its own language and culture. Efforts should be made to set up a language laboratory for this purpose. Digital labs should be set up in every educational institution including Bangla Academy, Film Development Agency, Bangladesh Television, Bangladesh Wireless, Shilpakala Academy.

Bangla department will be the center of Bangla language in every university, though many of our universities have not yet opened Bangla department. This is not desirable under any circumstances. The use of Bangla language in all public and non-governmental organizations is also required for the exchange of information and technology.

It can be argued that the development of information technology and a culture of aggression will move Bangladesh forward. Bangladesh will be the role model of the world.Bangladesh is moving forward with the heart of the Honorable Prime Minister and his Technology Advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy. Bangladesh is now liberated from the wellspring of the well and has come to the rank of world-class as a free, liberal and prosperous Bangladesh.

Along with the development of technology, there has been a culture awakening. And the wave in this development is shaking not only the city but also the village. In terms of quality of life, the city and the city are going to be monolithic.

Nothing will ever come to fragile or diminish this achievement of the Honorable Prime Minister. People are very aware today. Sheikh Hasina's deserving leadership is the nation's worthy leadership to continue the victory of disaster and crisis-free modern Bangladesh by addressing any hostile situation.

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