Published:  12:00 AM, 06 June 2016

Rivers, canals getting silted in Khulna

50 rivers are under threat of unplanned dams in Khulna

Rivers, canals getting silted in Khulna

Unplanned dams on rivers and canals in Dakope area of Khulna coastal wetlands threatening the navigability and rivers, canals are losing its true nature. On the other hand, dry lands besides rivers and canals have been occupied by the powerful local land grabbers.
Local river experts said, around 50 rivers in this area are under threat. Regular rivers digging miss management, illegal fishing, river land grabbing increased the risk of the rivers' extinction. As a result, nearly half of canals and rivers in the district are now facing the worst crisis. The lack of tidal flow near the world famous Sundarbans Mangrove canals and rivers in the district are now in critical condition. The canals and river currents in the eighties are now history to seasonal boatmen. Fishermen says now as tale of the rivers in the area lost its real nature. Asian Age reporter on a investigative visit found, the indiscriminate use of tidal flow due to the absence of one-third of the water district has been lost these days. Most canals and rivers have been gradually reduced. For this reason, the canals and the river is no longer can be defined as its real identity.
Thousands of families living on the grain known as one of the treasures of the canal and the river was the main driving force.
Upazila agriculture, fisheries, trade depend on canal and river flow. But by time the situationhas changed its real identify of these wetlands. Locals said, integrated public-private initiatives can help to prevent the crisis. They blamed the the negligence of authority for this situation.  As soon as the return of dry season of year the canals, bills, ponds dry up. Farmers don't get necessary water for irrigation in these areas. Locals said, they don't get sufficient drinking water too. Gradually the water shortage in the area approaching disaster for the people living in districts. The canals of Anandonogor, Boro Khalisha, Baruikhali, Par Chalna, Achabhua and Pankhali union's Mouk-hali, Hogla Bunia, Khatail area have dried up gradually by the cycle of last few years. Bhodra River in between Pankhali and Tildanga union have lost its navigability.  Kamini canal, Bashiar canal, Tetul Tola canal, Bazua River, Berercanal, Meri canal, Kali canal, Burir Dabor canal of Banishanta union, Katabonia canal of Sutark-hali union, Bhojonkhali canal, Khejuria canal, Saheber abad canal of Dakope union, Keorakhali and many more canals in these area are facing the risk of fast extinction.  Local political leaders blamed each other for this critical condition of rivers and canals. Locals said, if the government take necessary steps to dig the canals on immediate basis this problem might be solved. Locals said also, the government should free the canals which are illegally occupied by powerful men of the area.

Panakhali Union (land) office Tahshilder gaurapada Roy said, dried up land in canals and rivers must be evacuate and dig as soon as possible to bring back the flow of water. They have started the steps to take action against illegal occupation he added. They have started to free the illegal land grabbed by influential's beside Baruikhali canal. He also mentioned the name of canal land grabber as Jitendra Nath, Ram Prasad Adhikari, Montu Bachar, Murari Mistri, Ramakr-ishna Mistri, Thanda Bain, Shushanto Sarder, Dipak Sarder, Sibapada Mondol, Khayaba Gazi, Gazi Khaliq, Dilip Sarder, Anando Mondol, Ratan Roy, Thakur Mondol, Pankaj Mandal, Sujan Mondol, Dulal Mandal, Dilip Mandal and others.The UNO Mrinal Kanti Dey said, now there is no scope to grab the river and canal lands. Illegal possession of government property should not be given to anyone anymore. If a person illegally occupy public places will be brought under action.

-AA Correspondent, Khulna

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