Published:  03:14 AM, 16 January 2020

Shakrain celebrated amid festivity

Shakrain celebrated amid festivity Shakrain festival was celebrated in the old part of Dhaka with festivity on Tuesday and Wednesday. -AA
Poush Shankranti, the occasion that marks the end of the Bengali month of Poush, was celebrated through the Shakrain festival in the old part of Dhaka on 14 and 15 January.

When talking about Shakrain festival of Old Dhaka, the first thing that comes to mind is kite. Flaunting awe-inspiring kites of myriad colors, shapes and sizes were seen flown by Dhakaites who took part in the thrill of kite-fighting. The event is among one of the traditional Shakrain celebrations for ages.

The festivities started early in the morning as people of Old Dhaka, despite the dense fog, took to the rooftops of almost every building and started flying kites.  Rahat, a resident of Gandaria area said, "We, from the elderly to the youngest members of our families, come together
to celebrate Shakrain. This is something that is very close to our hearts and is an old Dhaka tradition."

"People from all parts of Dhaka come here to enjoy and have a good time. We welcome them with open arms and warm hospitality" he added. Old Dhaka resident Oyun said, "We fly kites of different types and colors. We also have extravagant fireworks in the evening. We also have party till late at night. It all happens here, in Old Dhaka, for Shakrain." 

As the sun was setting, fireworks all around, in whatever direction one looked, lit up the skies over old Dhaka in all shades of color.

--Sumaia Sugra Ananna, AA

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