Published:  10:06 AM, 10 February 2020

Tips to Win Chicken Dinner on PUBG Mobile

Tips to Win Chicken Dinner on PUBG Mobile

PUBG Corporation developed the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) game in 2017. This multiplayer battle royal game is played online. Getting released in 2018, the popularity of PUBG Mobile skyrocketed among young people worldwide. Now PUBG is the most played and best-selling game in the history of online video gaming. Each PUBG player wishes to earn the “Chicken Dinner” reward at the end of the game.

To conquer the most sought-after gift “Winner, winner, chicken dinner” you have to fight until you are the lone survivor in the game. If you can win this Chicken Dinner reward, you will get points for buying better armors, avatar, etc. To reach this stage you have to become a pro in looting equipment, aiming the guns and killing enemies. These competitive tasks require forte, skill and techniques. Are you crazy about winning a Chicken Dinner in PUBG mobile?  Read our article to learn some tips on how to survive in PUBG Mobile up to the last and win the “Chicken Dinner” successfully. 

Learn Guerilla Attacking
Before stepping into PUBG Mobile game, play the “Unreal Tournament” game at classic mode to be a pro in Guerilla Warfare. Start the battle when you are fully confident to kill. Never miss your target; otherwise your location would be exposed to the enemies. Take shelter in den/hideout to make yourself invisible, so that the enemies can’t see you, but you can observe them properly. Try to learn the best timings when/not to hide your position, or come out in open air, or move to other place. These tricks will not only save you from getting shot, but also keep you alive longer.

Start Playing with Teams
If you are a beginner in PUBG Mobile, going solo can be risky for your existence. Especially, when you wish to win a chicken dinner, it would be wise to play in teams. Your teammates can safeguard you at critical situation. It is a blessing to have someone holding your back and rescuing you from dangers. Though you love playing Solo, join a group initially to better apprehend the game strategy, playground map, and tricks from other players.

Loot Smartly
Though looting is a heinous crime in real life. In PUBG Mobile battling, looting is mandatory for staying well equipped for fighting. To win the chicken dinner, you must learn how to loot smartly. As soon as you drop on the land, look for houses where you can loot. Whenever you kill enemy, loot his/her weapons. Hasten in Collecting Weapons and Body Armors first. Later go for helmet, secured bulletproof vest, med kit, and other healing items. Collect more weapons and goods without wasting too much time for it.

Choose Equipment Wisely
Choosing the right weapon and body armor is another great trick to survive up to last in the PUBG Mobile game. After collecting several weapons, select the best weapons to fight with. For instance, assault rifles work great in all situations, mostly.  If you are confused about which weapons to keep, take help from the auto pick-up feature of PUBG Mobile. However, don’t stand still while looting, as the enemy players can get chances to kill you.

Change Damaged Armor
To survive up to last, you need to change low-level or damaged armor/helmet and get the classy ones offering more protection.  A high-level armor will provide low protection if it gets damaged. Therefore, whenever you get a chance try to exchange your damaged armor with a new one. However, if you are wearing high-level damaged armor, don’t hesitate to switch it for a low-level new armor. To choose the right armor, check out the value showing next to your armor. Always pick the armor showing higher value.

Keep an Eye on the Doors
According to PUBG Mobile game setting, each door is kept closed. If you see a building keeping doors open, assume that another player is either staying inside or have already looted the armors and guns. If you are a newbie in PUBG game, don’t enter a building if any door is left open. However, if you have an advanced level weapon, you can take a chance. But you must be careful while entering a building with opened doors. Another trick is that after entering a building, you need to close the doors. It will help you in hiding your tracks smartly.

Try to Maintain Accuracy
Since the PUBG Mobile game is played on mobile, you get precise controls. But, you must learn how to use those controls more accurately. Because, the side showing better accuracy wins the battle eventually! If you are a novice, learn how to manage the screen controls of your mobile swiftly.

In PUBG Mobile, there is an advantage that enemies can’t fire at you perfectly. If you get shot unfortunately, don’t panic! Try to hide first, and then aim at your enemy to fire back. If your health condition is not well and you are not sure about the exact location of your enemies, try to run zigzag in order to break their line of sight.

Stay Alert about Vehicles
While running, stay alert about vehicles; as they can impose a big risk upon your safety. To win a chicken dinner, vehicles can offer you a great help! With a vehicle, you can cover a long distance easily and reach your safe zone in less time. What is more! If you own a vehicle, you can knock down the enemies rapidly without much effort. In PUBG Mobile, an interesting fact is that enemies can hardly aim at a fast moving vehicle. Keep an eye on the roadside; as vehicles are usually found there!

Be Careful about Standing Enemies
To win a Chicken Dinner, learn to master in deciding who to attack? Standing enemies are far more dangerous than the injured ones! So, while firing against a bunch of enemies, try to keep aiming and firing at the standing enemies who are ready to attack. The knocked down enemies can only get up if they can get the chance to revive.

Run with Loaded Guns
If you think that you will load the gun after defining the enemy, it would be a grave mistake in PUBG Mobile game. When you are going to enter a new town/area/house, there is high probability to confront an enemy. Running with an unloaded weapon means staying barehanded, this might kill you. Because, you will hardly manage time to reload when the enemy fires at you. Therefore, stay conscious about keeping your gun loaded always. Don’t forget to check your weapon frequently.  

Fight with Full Health
Like real life, health is wealth in PUBG Mobile game. To win a chicken dinner you have to survive longer. If your health condition is low, you might get down for a few shots. So, it is recommended to start fight with a healthy body. If you get shot, apply bandages. However, the First Aid Kits can heal you up to 75-percents. Painkillers can give you temporary relief. If you are too lucky to win a rare med kit, it can recover your full health. 

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