Published:  02:02 AM, 12 February 2020

"Counselling Service: A Savior"

In our country people are very ignorant about their mental health. There is a stereotype that only deranged people have mental issues but actually anyone anytime can suffer from it. Anxiety, depression are a few of the major issues in our youth which leads to nervousness, restlessness, suffocation and in the worst case scenario, substance abuse and suicides.

These mental issues can be treated with proper care and measures. Stigma and stereotypes have an adverse effect on health seeking behavior in our country. It is important to reduce these misconceptions and step forward to help our people. To save lives, consultancy services should be provided in easy terms. Consulting impacts more at times when compared to therapy and treatments.

People like these feel like they haves no one to talk and are often misunderstood. This opportunity of talking and being understood can be given through the consultancy services provided by the educational institutions. Students spend almost half of the day at school, college or universities.Counseling should be arranged in educational institutions from preschool and it should be made compulsory for every student.

It is often seen that the students, be that young learners or adolescents, cannot talk about their issues regarding mental health since they get scared, feel ashamed, hesitate or are just under the influence of the stigma that they should not be talking about these things.

As a result they get poor grades, resulting in depression or anxiety.That is why every educational platform should have a mandatory counseling service where students will go talk about their progress or any problems they have. They will be monitored, experts will determine the reasons behind their poor performance, will give them suggestions to solve their problems. Regular visits will keep them healthy.

Also they will be comfortable talking in their own institution rather than someplace else. In the western countries this practice is very common but we don't have such service in our country. So, it is important to introduce mandatorycounselling service and nurture it in every academic centers.

Shehneela Noor is a student, Department of Business Administration, East West University

---Shehneela Noor

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