Published:  12:47 AM, 26 February 2020

Tête-à-tête with Prof Datin Paduka Dr Aini Ideris

Tête-à-tête with Prof Datin Paduka Dr Aini Ideris

University of Putra Malaysia Vice Chancellor Prof Datin Paduka Dr Aini Ideris talked to The Asian Age, who attended the 3rd International Scientific Conference on food safety and health held at Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC) auditorium in the capital on Sunday. She came to Bangladesh for the fourth time, who likes Bangladesh and its people very much.

AA: We have learnt that whenever you get opportunity, you come to Bangladesh; what's the reason behind this?

Prof Datin Paduka Dr Aini Ideris:
I have the collaboration and have been working with Bangladesh for long period of time. Actually, we received the first group consisting 8 students from Bangladesh who were aided under the World Bank. Among the 8 students, two were my students. So, we have been collaborating with the Bangladeshi universities together since then and my students came back to Bangladesh and they got high position here. I think the people of Bangladesh are very nice and friendly especially Bangladeshi students are hardworking and dedicated.

AA: How important safety food is in context of Bangladesh?

Prof Datin Paduka Dr Aini Ideris: I think there is no alternative to safety food. Safe food is right to all citizens. I strongly believe that if food is contaminated, our lives can be in danger. Bangladesh is gradually going ahead making aware its people about the importance of safety food. I must say that awareness and science based evidence are needed in at every steps of food production, processing and marketing.

AA: What do you think about the role of government to ensure safe food?

Prof Datin Paduka Dr Aini Ideris: I think Bangladesh should put emphasis on safe food. Besides, the government, I think professionals, civil society and law enforcement agency should work together to ensure safe food. Coordinated and concerted efforts from the ministries, stakeholders, societies and professionals concerned can be a pathway to uphold the food safety issue. Besides safety food, climate is very important part which is needed to work on. Bangladesh progress better but more activities should launch to protect environment and safety food.

AA: You know many students go to Malaysia for pursuing higher education. What the difference between Malaysia and Bangladesh regarding education system?

Prof Datin Paduka Dr Aini Ideris: I don't see any major difference regarding the education system between these two countries. You know Malaysia is more developed than Bangladesh, therefore we have better facilities and the students are provided with advanced technologies facilities. I think the current government is working hard to overhaul the education system but there is some lacking in implementing the education system.
AA: Do you have any future plan about Bangladesh?

Prof Datin Paduka Dr Aini Ideris: I am very much interested about Bangladesh. We want to work with Bangladesh more in future. Apart from, we have been working on human resource development and capacity building, safety food, health in future.    

AA: What's your experience about Bangladesh?

Prof Datin Paduka Dr Aini Ideris: Excellent. I would like say that the people of Bangladesh are friendly and open-minded. I have noticed that the Bangladeshi students are keen in asking questions. I hope the students will do better wherever they study.   
 Interview was taken by Mohan Mia.

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