Published:  12:53 AM, 17 March 2020

The greatest role of Bangabandhu for agricultural development

A S M Masuduzzaman

Bangabandhuhas a revolutionary role for our independence, as well as role forover all development of country with development of agricultural sector. Bangabandhuhas up-graded status of agriculturists as first class gazetted officers,those who will work actively for the development of agriculture.

Bangabandhusaid thatthe country would not have any food crisis, if we work hard for doublingthe crop production. After the liberation, Bangabandhu got a country with many hungry people and war-ravaged roads and infrastructures. But, he was committed for building a 'Sonar Bangla.   The word 'Sonar Bangla' was a common speeches of Bangabandhu for our fertile lands.He said- we need Golden People to build a prosperous Bangladesh.

Bangabandhu realized that agriculture would remain as a main source of per capita income. That's the reason, he moved withaslogan"SabujBiplab" for boosting the agriculture production and poverty alleviation. Cooperative system of farming in agricultural, fishery, anddairy sectors has been adapted to ensure right of farmers. Bangabandhu's government alsogave priority on agriculture research system and  established BARC, BADC, BARI, AFRI and SCA  etc.

After the independence, Bangabandhu had emphasized for increasing crop production, improving cultivation method, ensuring microcredit,rebuilding agricultural infrastructure, ensuring agricultural inputsand cancelling cases for loan defaulters etc. The government enhanced irrigation facilities along with supplying seedsof high yielding rice, jute and wheat to farmers.However, after unwanted dead of Bangabandhu, all of his initiatives had been proponed.

Now-a-days, through the effort of present government-the country attained self-sufficiency in the rice production.The food security for all the people is a reality. The production of wheat, maize pulses, oilseeds, fruits, vegetables, as well fish, poultry, milk and meat has also increased.The per capita income of the people has been enhanced.

The present government reduced the prices of fertilizers.Many income generating activities, export of agro-products,easy credits and 'One-House One Farm' project are being implemented for rural development. Bangladesh has become a 'role model' for increasing crop production through the efforts of the Sheikh Hasina's government in continuation with Bangabandhu's dream.With dynamic leadership of Sheikh Hasina- Bangladesh will be an emerging economic power as a higher middle income status country of the 21st century.

The writer is chief Scientific Officer, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Gazipur

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