Published:  12:56 AM, 17 March 2020

Bangabandhu and our agriculture

Kbd. Mohammed Abu Taher Masud

Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the architect of Bangladesh independenced. The population of the country was 75 million in 1971. The food shortage was about 25-30 lakh tons. After the liberation war, Bangabandhu put great emphasis on Agriculture after the liberation war.accelerating economy of the country as the economic condition of the country was devastated then.

The main objective behind all of his thoughts was to develop the fate of the people of this countryHis dream was to get self-sufficiency in food production. He tookformulated long-term plan tofor the improvement of  improve the agriculture sector. Bangabandhu realized development of The population of the country was 75 million in 1971.

The food shortage was about 25-30 lakh tons. Bangabandhu then said, "Beggar doesn't have any honor". We ourselves will have to fulfill the shortage of shortage.He took long-term plan to improve the agriculture sector.

Bangladesh primarily depends on is anthe development  agriculturalof agriculturalsector of the country. With a this view in mind, heto engaging the talented students of the country to agricultural profession, he gave first class status of Agricultural graduates in their to this profession.

Thus, talented students of the country hadbeen interested to obtain agricultural education and engaging themselves inagricultural profession. Besides,Hhe set up many differentagricultural institutions in order to overhaul the agricultural sectorthe country.

To increase the food production of the country, he Bangabandhutook initiativesedto distributeion of quality seed, fertilizer, insecticides and equipmentsequipment among the farmers for increasing food production of the country. He gave distributedkhaskhash lands to the landless people, and provided loans to farmers at a lower rate of interest rate. He also remitted taxes of the farmers formaking them interested to in increasing increase the foodagricultural food production of agricultureof the country.

Thus, Bangladesh has beenpotentiallyself-sufficient in food production for several yearsparticularly in the cereals.  Bangabandhu aimed to make Bangladesh as 'Sonar Bangla' which Bangabandhu addressed the farmers as 'Brother'. Now, we can able to make 'Sonar Bangla'. We ensure food sufficiency for all.

The dreams of Bangabandhu have been made real byhas been materializing by his competent daughter 'Jananetri' Sheikh Hasina. I now feel proud honorof being a citizen of Bangladesh and working as a worker to for takingtake agriculture sector ahead.

The writer is Horticultural Scientist, HRC, BARI.

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