Published:  12:20 AM, 18 March 2020

Thai papaya salad

Thai papaya salad

Ingredients: 200 g shredded green papaya * 2 garlic cloves, roughly chopped * 2 snake beans, cut into 3cm-long batons (alternatively use green beans) * ¼ cup dried shrimp, soaked in water for 5 minutes to soften * 2 tbsp roasted peanuts * ½ long red chili, roughly chopped * 1 small birds' eye chilies (use more or less to taste) * 1½ tbsp fish sauce * 2 tbsp lime juice * 1 tbsp white sugar * 6 cherry tomatoes, halved


*    In a large mortar, place garlic, green beans, dried shrimp, peanuts and chilies. Use a wooden pestle to bruise ingredients. Add the shredded papaya, fish sauce, lime juice and sugar. Use a spoon and the pestle to mix and bruise the salad. Then add tomatoes and bruise again. Season to taste with more fish sauce or lime juice if needed.

*    Alternatively, the salad can be made by placing ingredients in a large ziplock bag and using a rolling pin to bruise the ingredients.

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