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Evaluation of charismatic leader of Bangabandhu

Evaluation of charismatic leader of Bangabandhu

Bangabandhu and Bangladesh are two words but one name. One cannot imagine without other. Bangabandhu was the symbol of our Independence and national hero. There is no substitute for a parental role in the birth of a child, and there is no alternative to Bangabandhu in Bangladesh.

The contribution of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib and his Political life: on June 23rd, when Nabab Sirajuddula was defeated in the plains of Palashi, the Sun of Bengal's Independence was set down. Indian Sub-continent or Bengali people did so many different movements and struggles to get themselves back as an independent nation. Finally, it was successful for the breakthrough efforts of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

On 17 March 1920, the great historian Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was born at Tungipara in Gopalganj district. In 1938, then the Prime Minister of Bengal Sher-e-Bangla visited the Gopalganj subdivision. In the presence of Sher-e-Bangla A.K Fazlul Haque and food Minister Hussain Shaheed Shurawardy, he drawing their attention to stop the water from the roof of his school. Since colonial times, the world has witnessed a number of revolutions and movements that brought enormous change in the social and political dynamics of the world, and above all, in the life of the common people. These revolutions were a response to the particular realities of their time.

Bangladesh's independence struggle was a revolution that had been in the making for roughly 25 years, starting after the partition of Greater India in 1947 which led to the creation of Pakistan split into two wings (east and west). For 25 years, the people of the east wing suffered, without much hope, until they stood up and fought for their independence in 1971 under the leadership of Bangabandhu.

Without any doubt, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the architect of Bangladesh, the Father of the Nation. Mujib showed the first sign of being a people's leader in 1943 when he distributed rice to the famine-stricken people from his father's stockpile, without any knowledge of the latter. In the coming years, he grew up to be the leader he was meant to be, and steered his nation to their most glorious moment in history.

He was from that first sign of leadership till the day he died a people's leader. Gary J. Bass, while referring to a cable from the US Consulate in Dhaka, mentioned, Mujib's very appearance suggested raw power, a power drawn from the masses and from his own strong personality. He was tall and sturdy, with rugged features and intense eyes. But the history of the sufferings of the Bengalis goes back even before Pakistan's creation.

They endured suppression and subjugation since the British colonial times. By the end of the Second World War, up to three million Bengalis died of malnutrition and related diseases, which was considered a direct result of the extraction of Indian resources from the Bengal for British war efforts.

On 15 March 1971, Bangabandhu issued 35 directives like the head of the independent country. On March 23, Bangabandhu officially hoisted the flag of Independence country at his residence. Before being arrested on March 25, declared Independence of Bangladesh.

Leaders across the world paid their highest tribute to Father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman during his lifetime and after his brutal assassination, reports BSS.The international personalities including politicians, social activists and journalists made comments and observations in various occasions those were published in newspapers and other publications.This is surely a supreme national tragedy for you.

For me, it is a personal tragedy of immense dimensions," former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson wrote to a Bengalee journalist upon hearing the news of the assassination of Bangabandhu.The frequently quoted remark of Fidel Castro on Bangabandhu was made in 1973 when the two unparallel leaders met for the first time at the Algiers Non-Aligned Summit.

I have not seen the Himalayas, but I have seen Sheikh Mujib. In personality and in courage, this man is the Himalayas. I have thus had the experience of witnessing the Himalayas," the Cuban supreme leader made the remark after the summit. Describing Bangabandhu as the hero of Bengalees, an eminent Egyptian journalist Hasnein Heikal said Sheikh Mujibur Rahman does not belong to Bangladesh alone.

He is the harbinger of freedom for all Bengalees. His Bengalee nationalism is the new emergence of the Bengalee civilisation and culture. Mujib is the hero of the Bengalis, in the past and in the times that are," the former Editor of The Al Ahram and a close associate of late President Nasser said. Famous British journalist Sir Mark Tully, who had the opportunity to meet Bangabandhu and attended several public meetings, wrote Bangabandhu had a wonderful voice that could mesmerize the crowd. Another renowned British journalist Cyril Dunn of the London Observer in one of his articles wrote that in the thousand years' history of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujib is the only leader who has, in terms of blood, race, language, culture and birth, been a full-blooded Bengali.

In a sense, Sheikh Mujib (Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman) is a great leader than George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi and De Valera", Leader of the British humanist movement late Lord Fenner Brockway once remarked. Former governor of Indian states Manipur and Jharkhand Ved Marwah, who met Bangabandhu, shared the memory of the glorious meeting with journalists saying that he met Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and many world leaders, Bangabdnhu was the most charismatic personality he had ever met. One of the world's largest national web portal has made in our country. 4G network technology has brought a new tide over the country.

E-payment and mobile banking services is simple and transparent. Bangladesh is currently self-contained in food. In the whole world , only 17 genetically engineered sequence of plants have been done, in which Dr. Maksud has made 3. This unique achievement has made people of Bangladesh proud. Sheikh Hasina had established a unique example that is establishment of expatriate welfare bank in 7 divisional cities of the country.

Bangladesh has made significant achievement in the Power sector. New power connections have been provided to 35 lakh subscribers and 65 new power plant have been built. Besides, for the social safety of the poor, various allowances have been greatly increased also expanded such as old allowances, widows, husband abounded and miserable female allowances, and maternal allowances.

When the global economy was in disaster Bangladesh was able to sustain national growth rate by more than 6 percent by various stimulus packages and policy support. Great people never die. They live by their actions in people's heart. Bangabandhu is one of the heroic names in the history. He was he is -he will be. He is the part and parcel of our thoughts- consciousness and every activity. Our national spirit was exposed by his super Human leadership. As long as the Padma-Meghna- Gauri- Jamuna is flowing in the rows. By that time your name will remain Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Rayhan Ahmed Topader is a writer and columnist.
He can be reached at: [email protected]

--Rayhan Ahmed Topader

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