Published:  01:49 AM, 01 April 2020

Self-development should be on proper planning

Self development should always be done on proper planning; otherwise, our life seems to be in utter disarray. It depends fully upon proper education and utilization of education in every phase of our lives.

In this regard question might strike our mind that how to undertake self-development. In the beginning the task might seem to be quite cumbersome but if one has the guts and determination along with proper planning, then there is nothing to worry about our growth and prospect in life. As there are sea changes taking place all around the globe but people around the globe are so minute observers of all situations that the work of each individual is carried amidst specter of proper planning and sharp observation cum analytical skills.

Normal expectations about development in life are that those should be backed up by opponent forces but the development in life which is attained through self initiatives and various other issues should be richly applauded. For the cognizance of some of my online readers in both India and Bangladesh, it is ethical on my part to state what actually the term, 'Self-development' in common men's parlance. Thus the term 'Self-development' is referred to as that which is attainable through self driven initiatives and determination.

Citizens of both India and Bangladesh who have risen up in their respective professions have most of them achieved success by dint of self-development. In this regard, some of notable figures like that of Sukumar Sen (Linguist),  Suniti Kumar Chatterjee, Dr D. S. Kothari, Subhadra Kumar Sen (Linguist), Amartya Sen, and various other luminaries have attained successes in respective fields mainly through self-development.

So, my elite online readers of both India and Bangladesh can easily ascertain that joy of attaining successes in life is more enjoyable through self-development rather than depending on backing from others. Despite any awkward situations in life, self-development of human souls should be attained mainly through proper planning. Thus in the subsequent paragraphs it is my humble effort to analyze deeply on how to attain successes in respective professions by self-development through the mode of proper and constructive planning.

How to attain successes in life?

It is well known to all of us that successes in human lives are always attained through the mode of self-development. This is regularly practiced all around the globe. Even if the parents are talented in any respective academic disciplines but it is the respective wards who should take the initiatives to stand up ably and vibrantly in life.

Parents are always ever alert to guide their children to attain successes in life but they always observe wards attitude from close angles. In South Asian nations we find that parents always tend to remain worried about the development prospects going on among them. Anyhow there are some common ways and means by which we are able to attain successes in life among whom the common ones are stated as follow:

* Plan the day's work perfectly.

* Risks taking and chasing success should be key aims in our life.

* We must aim to be in the midst of successful and creative persons.

* Give full blood to the job with which we are involved.

* Self-confidence should be upgraded to new heights and dimensions.

* We must aim to be hardworking and honest in our life.

In the above different ways and means of attaining success in life have been stated boldly. But whatever the pros and cons might be in the sphere of attaining success in life we must aim to achieve this goal through proper planning. This is achievable by which method? The answer to it is that by proper planning plus dedication which the cakewalk towards our success in life is no doubt.

Thus one point is very clear that our growth in life should not be based upon other's backing rather it should be achievable through self development. Again in the subsequent paragraph it is my humble task on how to develop our planning process for our respective professions in life.

How to develop our planning process in life?

There are various ways known to us by which we are able to develop our planning process in life. Among all some of the common ones are stated as follow:

* We must chalk out our goals in life.

* We must undertake SWOT analysis of self and opponents.

* We must be keenly focused on our goal in life.

* We must be patient in the task to plan our day's work.

* We must implement the knowledge acquired from reading in our day to day work.

* We must be aware of our goals in life.

Summing up the entire discourse stated above one glaring point will surmise our mind is that our life should always be spearheaded in a planned manner; then real success is attainable. In the same way, various corporate houses of each country plan their growth prospects and as well as various government departments. Even if we work in a team but self should always strive to prosper in life in diverse professional and academic disciplines.

The writer is a freelance
contributor based in Kolkata

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