Published:  12:00 AM, 04 April 2020

Present state of Covid-19 in India and Bangladesh

It is for nearly three weeks that corona virus has virtually grappled social and economic lives of India and Bangladesh. In India around 1700 people have been contracted with this Pandemic ailment among which so far around 150 people have been recovered from the trauma.

In Bangladesh there are around 56 people affected along with numbers of deceased persons are around 6. Till date there are quite good numbers of affected persons who are placed in different quarantine and isolation premises in different parts of the capital city Dhaka as well as in other districts of the country.

Now in both India and Bangladesh the doctors are doing meritorious services to alleviate the sufferings right from zero level with the objective that it does not have spreading effect.

As per Indian scenario is concerned there has been regular publicity being undertaken by Union government of India as well as different state governments of this vast nation. Especially the most noticeable aspect to be noted is that chief minister of the Indian state of West Bengal Ms Mamata Banerjee is doing a marvelous job to mitigate the sufferings of state citizens in urban, suburban and finally in rural belts of the state.

As per the scenario in Kolkata is concerned the honorable chief minister of the state is making regular inroads in South, Central, North as well as in Suburban districts of the city like Howrah and Hooghly. In Kolkata proper we find that there are have been severe shortages of essential items like rice, wheat and also various other farm products.

Also medicines along with various other non-medicinal products like Mollysheet, Gauze, Bandage, Micropore and Betadine lotions along with masks, sanitizer are in tremendous short supply. So what we witness is that prices are rising to skyrocketing level thereby putting higher middle, lower middle and poorer cum downtrodden sections in utter penury. Despite high prices Indians are always accustomed to high priced moments in life hence they are buying their daily necessities as per requirements.

I feel same situations are prevailing all over Bangladesh. People in order to meet up requirements are forced to buy the daily necessities. Thus in the subsequent paragraph it is my humble tasks to analyze deeply on how overcome from the pandemic Covid-19 so as to ensure solace for this vast 138 crores Indian populace.

Ways to overcome from Covid-19

It is indeed difficult to overcome from Covid-19 in both India and Bangladesh. Though the governments of both nations are trying their level best to overcome from Covid-19 but apart from the initiatives of medical fraternities and government of India plus state government of West Bengal it is up to the citizens of India to adhere sincerely to the norms stated by GOI and WB.

Also from another angle it is also quite painstaking and agony to remain under lockdown for exactly three weeks. However despite all the odds we must maintain certain norms through which we might be able to conquer this endemic ailment (Covid-19) through adherence to certain ethical norms, such as-

Whenever we suffer from cough (including whooping cough and irritation cough), phlegm and high temperature then immediately we must be in touch with our general physician and also contact the local health center. It should be done when the ailment is on the nascent stage.

Also apart from the above precautions there are other precautionary measures need to be undertaken, such as to be under lockdown, to maintain  social distancing and not to crowd in one particular place. Also in different pharmacy of the city there should not be too much crowd which is logical that means to avoid close contact between one people to other person.  Other precautions needed to be taken are stated as follow:

Avoid close contact with the people who are terribly sick.

Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth of the self.

When self is sick then best option is to stay back at home.

Even if we have to go out then we must cover mouth with mask along washing our arms properly with liquid soap and sanitizer.

In India biggest mistake which has been done was that how could Union government of India allow so much of international flights at Kolkata and other parts of India. In this regard roles played by WB chief minister Mamata Banerjee have been an exemplary one. Everyday Ms Banerjee along with Kolkata police visits each and every sensitive spot of the city so that common people are alleviated from this deadly scourge.

In different vernacular TV channels of the city and the state the honorable chief minister of the state appeal to the citizens to maintain and adhere to the statutory norms for our quick resuscitation from this deadly pandemic. This will no doubt have good impact upon citizen's mind. In this regard honorable Prime Minister of the country regularly addresses to the nation to maintain the statutory norms so that we get rid of this pandemic fast.

The latest trend is that recovery stage has began but on a slow trend. Major havoc took place at the Indian state of Maharashtra followed by capital city of the country New Delhi. Doctors around the country inclusive of WB are trying their level best they are also appealing to the citizens to maintain wide ranging distances with opponent persons then only recovery will be fast and total.

Hope better sense will prevail among citizens so as to spearhead our fast recovery which citizens of Bangladesh are deeply conscious about the way she has been able to arrest the deadly endemic forever.

The writer is a freelance
contributor based in Kolkata

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