Published:  02:38 AM, 15 May 2020

Ten days of getting relief from hell

Ten days of getting relief from hell

'Itkum Menannar' means the last ten days of getting relief is very important from various points of view. This last part of the month will be started by Itekaf in every mosque that was performed by the Messenger(S) of Allah. Those who make commitment to perform Itekafm must start the Itekaf in Mosque from after the Asr prayer.

In this part of Ramadan, the sinners get relief from hell- is enough to become important this last part. Furthermore, among these days, Shabe Quader (the nigh of decree) lies on any one night of five odd nights. It is one more benefit and feature of this part of the month. Considering every matter, the last part of Ramadan has unlimited importance, benefits and features. Therefore, every days of this part rather every single moment of these days should be evaluated.

Getting relief from hell is the biggest achievement of human life. He who gets relief from hell and enters the paradise, is successful. Regarding this, Allah delivers in Holy Quran, 'Whoever is swayed from the Fire, and admitted to Paradise, has won. The life of this world is merely enjoyment of delusion.' (Surah Al Imran-185) The last ten days is the perfect opportunity to achieve this success. Almighty Allah releases a vast number of people from the hell in the whole of Ramadan.

Furthermore, the last part of Ramadan is the special time get relief from hell. Hazrat Muhammad (S) addresses, 'Vast numbers of people are released from hell every day and night in the court of Allah. And a prayer of every Muslims is granted every day and night.' (Attargib)

Various hard punishments of hell are written in the Holy Quran and Hadit for various big sins. And these punishments are for a long time. But as Almighty Allah is so much blessful and gracious and merciful, He makes opportunity to get relief from the hell for those who are ordered to go to the hell. He makes many simple ways by which anyone can get relief from hell and sins. Almighty Allah has no any gain if the sinners are burnt in hell. Again if He forgives them, releases them from hell, he will have no loss. Allah, the creator has no any loss-profit calculations. Loss-profit is only applicable for the slaves, and as Almighty Allah is merciful and kind, He wants to forgive His salves. For this he makes this sorts of opportunities for the humans. Our duty is, use these opportunities. Among those who gets success to remove his sins and get relief from hell, he is lucky.

On the last 10 days of Ramadan, Allah frees us from hell. But in case of change or exchange of various  good deeds such as providing Iftar to the fasting person, making easy the workload of the subordinates and so on. So to get relief from hell, we should perform these good deeds again and again. Overall, we should pray to Allah by crying to get relief from sins, Because Allah loves the tears of the crying person for the fear of Allah. Prophet (S) delivers, 'For the fear of Allah, the eyes that shade tears will never be burnt by the fire of hell. Eyes will never be burnt by the fire of hell means he will never go to hell. So in the last ten days we have to pray for the forgiveness from sins and getting relief from hell through tarabi, tahajjut and other nafl prayers. Then He will relieve us- Inshaallah.

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