Published:  12:00 AM, 16 May 2020

A day spent watching local TV channels

A day spent watching local TV channels

Like you, Kanta is also bored at home. One fine day, she decides to watch television, although she has a number of shows on Netflix and piles of books left unread.

After a small fight with her father, Kanta grabbed the TV remote, changed the news channel and hit a Bangladeshi channel. There she found Riaz dancing with a girl with a weakness for lungi. In the scene, Riaz was wearing a lungi and the girl was admiring him for that.

Kanta is not interested in that lungi-clad guy. So she changes the channel and hops onto another one. For the next few minutes, she carefully skipped several channels broadcasting Coronavirus updates and breaking news. Kanta was simply looking for some enjoyment amid the shutdown, not a shortcut way to panic.

After another round of flipping channels, KantarealizesDipjol is pretty famous among the masses as his cinemas were frequently being broadcast on different TV channels since morning. Sitting in front of the TV with the remote in her hand, Kanta focuses on trying to figure out why Dipjol's movies are famous and what makes them so popular.

The prime elements, Kanta learns is, are offensive language, few absurd fighting scenes that neither follow physics nor biology, and an array of songs with bizarre lyrics. But suddenly, 'Ghambabu', a drama on Deepto TV, grabs her attention. The show's narrative revolves around the story of Babu, who sweats all day and hence is called 'Ghambabu'.

'Ghambabu' sprinkles sweat on everyone, yet, unlike many, he has a job. His office desk, bag, and personal computer are covered with polythene. Ghambabu's character leaves the viewer's wondering about his skills.

According to his boss, he is very efficient and that is why he is allowed to attend office wearing a sando-genji.

Wherever Ghambabu goes, he carries three or four mini fans along with him. Kanta eagerly watches the show and his weird activities. She is overly curious to know how the show is going to end. But just like a Rajinikanth movie - without any logic - 'Ghambabu' stops sweating and lives happily ever after with his partner, who chooses him over a well-established guy.

The only relief she finds while watching the show is not to be disrupted by hoards of advertisement. But she is still left bewildered with why TV channels are telecasting programs of men clad in lungi and sando-ganji.

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