Published:  12:00 AM, 18 May 2020

Diner Sheshe

Diner Sheshe

"I was in my 4th semester of B.Tech, when I got a really high fever. For a month, the fever didn't go. Multiple tests later, my doctor told me I had an auto-immune disease.

I was shattered. Overnight, I had to quit college and move back home. My immune system was so weak, I couldn't be around people. Every day I wondered, 'Why me?' No one had an answer, but thankfully it was treatable. For a year I was just in and out of hospitals.

Initially I felt low, but my family was really supportive. I also read psychology books to understand the way I felt, and developed a passion for it.

So after getting an 'all clear' in Feb 2016, I got a BA in Psychology via distance learning. Alongside, I focused on my health and started prepping for my MBA. But before anything, I asked my parents if they'd even send me. They smiled and said, 'Of course- we're with you!'

So, my preps began, and while the exams went smoothly, I was worried about the interviews. Most schools question even a 1 year of a gap year-I had 3! But, the admissions committee was understanding and I made it to one of the best B schools in the country!

I'm in my first year now-my days are full of presentations, projects, competitions, and lectures-it's nonstop, and I love it! The time I spent in recovery, I knew I wouldn't ever take any of it for granted again.

So when HUL's 'Lessons in Marketing Excellence' competition was announced, I jumped at the opportunity and became a finalist. After long, I felt like I was headed on the right career path! During my internship interview, the HUL panel said to me 'You've fought so much to get here, you already stand out.' Still, when I got the placement call, I couldn't stop crying. Mom and dad were so proud!

Looking back, I lost a whole year of my life battling a disease. But I have no complaints, because that year I learnt the value of making the most of every day and not giving up when the odds are dead against you."

Human of Bombay,Fb

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