Published:  12:33 AM, 18 May 2020

Ways to continue education during Covid-19

 Ways to continue education during Covid-19

The country's educational institutions have been closed for almost two months due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Students are living in great resentment with their education due to the closure of educational activities. However, the Ministry of Education has continued the process of conducting educational activities through a program recorded on a government television named Sangsad Bangladesh Television.

Undoubtedly this is a praiseworthy and effective step. Some educational institutions have continued the process of educating the students of their respective institutions through online. Apparently these initiatives are not enough. In addition to all these ongoing initiatives, some other initiatives stated bellow can be lay hold of:

*    In addition to Sangsad television, arrangements can be made to broadcast educational activities on at least 10 private TV channels that can be seen from all remote corners of the country. But the condition is that these recorded programs should be seen clearly and the sound of the program should be heard well;

*    In order to effectively expand the online education program among the students, the mobile companies have to announce the internet package at the earliest considering the financial capabilities of the students so that it is easily available to the students. In this case, the Ministry of Education can enter into agreements with all mobile companies.

*    From the syllabus that is prescribed for each class, the syllabus can be shortened somewhat by prioritizing the topics that are consistent with the mental development of the students;

*    Students can take part in annual/terminal examinations by extending the academic year by at least two to three months and completing the prescribed short syllabus;

*    All the teachers of each educational institution can be categorized on the basis of students' number and students can be contacted through virtual system to give them guidance on all matters related to education. This guidance from the teacher will help to make the students more focused on their studies.

*    ICT teachers of each educational institution can open a helpline with respect to the content of ICT so that the students of their respective educational institutions can carry out their online based learning activities in a much easier process.

*    Arrangements can be made to widely disseminate educational activities in electronic media as well as print media. Subject-based teachers with reputation in the country can discuss in detail in the print media on each subject in the prescribed syllabus so that the students can get a clear idea about the content they need;

*    At present, community radio is making a huge impact on our daily lives. Through community radio, we are getting various news of the society very easily sitting at home. We can use community radio in this critical time to spread education widely to the learners.

*    Special incentives / gift items / financial assistance may be announced for students. And that is, all the students who get 60-80 percent marks in all subjects in the next final examination will be specially rewarded. Such an announcement may come from the upazila level. This announcement will create a competitive attitude among the students as to how to do well in the final exams ahead. This announcement should also be widely disseminated in print and electronic media.

Above all, students need to be motivated to concentrate on their studies during this interim period. There is no way they can be allowed to deviate from their studies. If necessary, the parents can inspire the students in the educational activities to the effect that special gift items will be provided if they get up to the mark results in the final examination based on the family. In this time of crisis, everyone should have the mentality of giving some concessions in the interest of the students. With the sincere efforts of all, we have to continue the educational activities of the students.

The writer is a Research Officer, District Education Office (Secondary) Munshiganj.

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