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Provide Zakat in Ramadan

Provide Zakat in Ramadan

Though there is no fixed time to provide Zakat, the Holy Ramadan is the best month to pay Zakat. As a result, rich people are inspired to provide a donation, charity, and Zakat-Fitra. If anyone provides charity, he will earn 70 times more blessings. If anyone says a nafl prayer in Ramadan, he will get the blessings of a mandatory prayer. If anyone says a mandatory prayer in Ramadan, he will get 70 times more blessings of performing the mandatory prayer of other months.

So the fasting believer slaves perform Zakat and Fitra, the right of poor peoples, two financial worships in Ramadan. The meaning of Zakat is purit increase. It means for the satisfaction of Allah to donate the specific part of the total wealth fixed by the Shariah to any one or several types of people among the eight types described in Holy Quran is called Zakat. Zakat became mandatory in second or probably in forth hijri.

To whom you will provide Zakat? According to line 60 of Surah Tawbah, provide Zakat to the eight types of people: 1. Charities are for the poor, 2. The destitute. 3. Those who administer them, 4. For reconciling hearts, 5. For freeing slaves, 6. For those in debt, 7. In the path of Allah, 8. For the traveler in need.

Measurement of Zakat: According to Islam, if anyone has 87.48 grams of gold and 612.36 grams of silver or equivalent wealth in the whole year, he has to pay some of his or her wealth on the ratio of 2.50% to the eight types of people ordered by Almighty Allah.

Deducting the cost of family and oneself, if anyone has a certain amount of cash money or business property, then he has to pay some of his or her wealth on the ratio of 2.50% to the eight types of people ordered by Almighty Allah is called Zakat. Rich people get spiritual satisfaction by paying one part of the 40 parts to the poor and helpless people. Zakat is not a kindness to the poor; rather it is their legal right. Almighty Allah declares in the Holy Quran, "And in their wealth, there was a share for the beggar and the deprived." (Surah Al-Dhariyat, Line: 19)

Zakat is the best way to remove poverty and ensure socio-economic development. As the fasting rich people donate Zakat to the poor, the poor and helpless people get relief from poverty and the socio-cultural situation is developed. In the property of rich Muslims, the poor has a certain amount right by the order of Allah. When this right is provided the rest of the property becomes pure. Because of paying charity to the poor by the rich in Ramadan, the exchange happens among them and creates brotherhood among them. So the Prophet (S) addresses, "Zakat is the bridge of Islam". (Muslim)

Prophet (S) delivers, 'Every property has Zakat and the Zakat of the human body is fasting'. (Ibn Majah). Fasting is called the Zakat of body, as paying Zakat, the property increases and like this, if fasting is performed, the whole body becomes pure. It is narrated in the hadit that 'He who pays Zakat, removes the error of the property'. As Zakat is paid for achieving the purity of property like this people have to perform fasting for the re-correction of the body or soul.

Zakat is the biggest equipment to create brotherhood among the rich and the poor in the society. No one is permitted to enjoy his whole income; rather if the certain amount of property is earned, he has to help the poor relatives, helpless and extreme poor; as if they can be capable to earn. If Zakat is paid, the property of charity giver never loses his property; rather Allah provides many blessings and this increases several times.

If the Zakat is paid according to the correct calculation, the whole property becomes Halal. Seems like the poor people will be happier if they get cash money instead of clothes. By the cash money Zakat, they may either buy clothes or bear the family cost and can remove the temporarily. Instead of saree-lungi, if they are provided cash money on appropriate ratio as Zakat to remove the poverty, that will be helpful for them.

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