Published:  02:41 AM, 20 May 2020

Social lessons of Ramadan

Social lessons of Ramadan

Fasting of Ramadan is one of the ways of showing assistance-cooperation and sympathy in the society. Different types of un-Islamic activities such as quarrel-hassle, fights, wrongs, oppression, injustice, wickedness, murder are the main reasons of turmoil and chaos in our social life. The religious men who fast really in the month of Ramadan and are believers always show sympathy toward the helpless people remaining away from these misdeeds.

Ramadan can have an impact to ensure social unity and security as well as creating a conflict-free constructive ideal society. Because three types of greatness has been found in Ramadan such as social, spiritual and otherworldly greatness. Therefore, there is so much social importance like religious importance. Especially the role of Ramadan is unbounded for sympathy and fellow-felling among the believers who are fasting.

Different types of people such as rich-poor, helpless-hugry and orphans live in this society. The man who fasts can learn the unbounded lessons of sufferings of the poor and helpless people by staying away from taking any kind of food from dawn to dusk. By this the rich people arrange Sehri and Iftar for the poor and helpless as well as orphan and hunger people realizing their sufferings and sorrows in addition to giving various assistance-cooperation, and sympathy by providing donation-charity, Zakat-Sadka. Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam addresses in this regard, 'This month (Ramadan) is the month of showing sympathy.' (Miskat)

The fasting of Ramadan has immense importance and significance to establish unity of humanity and brotherhood in the society. The man who fasts can realize the equal rights of people and he behaves cordially to all of the people of the society. He does not misbehave or do any wrong-crime. All man who fast works for equality by bounding in the Islamic brotherhood. The responsibilities and tasks of the laborer, employee, and slave should be lightening. Putting huge work load which is out of their limit is totally improper- it is inhuman too. Rasullullah Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam delivers, 'Who shows kind behavior to the slaves in this month (Ramadan) that reduces their work load, Allah will forgive him and save him from the fire of Hell.'

Through hard worship in this month, the man who fasts stays away from backbiting and defaming others. They stay away from any types of quarrel- hassle, unnecessary conflict and every kind of evil act. Any kind of obscene is never come out from their mouth. If anyone inspires to use slang words and involve in quarrel or hassle, he moves aside from such slang words and quarrel-hassle. That's why an ideal morally tolerant society develops by this.

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