Published:  01:58 AM, 23 May 2020

Global warming and Amphan's impact

Super cyclone Amphan has caused a great deal of damages to Bangladesh and India's West Bengal state. Over 90 people were killed by the powerful cyclone that slammed into India and Bangladesh on Wednesday, wiping out thousands of homes and drenching low-lying areas in torrential rain.

Many of the dead were crushed by falling trees, electrocuted by downed wires or buried inside collapsing buildings as Cyclone Amphan hammered the region, leaving a wide range of devastation and grief.

The worst damage was reported in the Indian state of West Bengal, which includes the city of Kolkata and many small, coastal villages where people live in shacks made from mud and sticks.

Coastal districts in Bangladesh including Khulna, Satkhira, Bhola, Patuakhali, Bagerhat, Pirojpur and some other places also suffered a lot because of Amphan.

Environmental scientists have commented that natural disasters like Amphan are being triggered by global warming and climate change. Pollutions, deforestation and reckless industrial expansion are to an enormous extent responsible for such calamities. In most cases less industrialized countries like Bangladesh and some other third world nations undergo cataclysms for this reason.

If the emission of greenhouse gases is not reduced, the world's coastal population would bear the brunt of typhoons or hurricanes on a much higher scale.

Due to global heating and climate change, the occurrence of such storms has seen a rise of over 250 per cent in 40 years.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has frequently called upon world leaders, particularly the top brass of the developed countries, to stand by poor countries with commitment and responsibility in fighting climate change and global warming.

The entire world including Bangladesh is now going through a nightmarish ordeal due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. Over 3 lakh 35 thousand people have so far died of this disease.

Leaders of many countries have blamed China for this phenomenon. Even allegations from different platforms show that Covid 19 broke out following the leakage of a deadly organism from the laboratories in Wuhan, China. Time has arrived to get united to put pressure on the concerned countries to stop producing biological weapons. China was also accused of hiding information about the virus at the very beginning.

All nations should come up without delay to combat climate change and to make the world a better place to live for generations to come.

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