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COVID-19 : Mental Health of HSC Examinee

COVID-19 : Mental Health of HSC Examinee

"Will our future be certain?" is a recurring question going through every HSC examnee's thoughts right now in Bangladesh. It is hard to make assumptions about the future after this pandemic situation. We never know, how many days the lockdown will keep on and the only thing we can do for now is stay home.

The COVID-19 pandemic is the defining golbal health crisis of this time and the greatest challenge in front of the world's super powers. Due to this pandemic, world wide education system has been affected. As of 18 May 2020, approximately 1.725 billion learners are currently affected due to school closures in response to pandemic.

According to UNICEF monitoring, 156 countries currently implementing nationwide closures and 29 are implementing about 98.5 % of the world's student population.In case of Bangladesh, the scenario of education is not exceptional. School, College, University have been closed. In fact, in the wake of an increasing number of corona virus cases in the country, the Education Ministry has postponed the Higher Secondary Certificate and equipment examinations, which were scheduled to start from April 1,2020.About 11 to 13 lakh students were expected to sit for this examination.

Now the future of this total number is ambiguous. Students from different Colleges named Major General Mahmudul Hasan Adarsha College, Tangail; Kumudini Government College, Tangail; Sristy College of Tangail; Govt.Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Women College, Tangail; Doulotpur Government College, Manikganj ; expressed their opinion via social media on their study condition, the postponement of the examination, way to spend their quarantine days, tension about future, some of their mental crisis and which types of news in social media make them traumatised. Most of the participants think that their study is not going right, they do not get proper attention and feeling board.

Sam, from Major General Mahmudul Hasan College told that " I am studying but it does not seem to be ending, it is like staying behind at beginning, can not see the end." Students expressed their diluted feelings about the postponement of examination. Ratri, from kumudini Govt. College, thought that it would be better if the examination was done because she had a good preparation, wherese, Abonte, from same College, explained that postponement of the exam is definitely a good decision because Corona is a contagious disease ; in contract with the patient is actually more likely to be infected.

Shariar, Hosaain, Ankon told that, they are spending their quality time with their family by watching tv, gossiping, cooking, reading various types of book, and they are active in social media specially in facebook. But the interviewees are worried about their future. Sangit, from Govt.Seikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib women College told, this pandemic not only postpone the exam but also upside down their future planning.

University admission after examination and future job opportunities are in uncertain condition. Moreover, the way people are being infected in corona makes them think more. They told, improper treatment, harassment, hate-speech domestic violence, corruption in everywhere make them more traumatic. Students are facing health and mental problems like - highper tension, mental pressure, monotony, tetchy etc which leaving them in depression.

This problems are not unusual but they can evaluate their leisure time by doing different voluntary activities, keeping contract with friends, relatives, praying, playing indoor games, helping parents and looking after senior citizens of family. We hope, this darkness will be gone one day, the light will come and these students will see their bright future.

Taniazaman Sarna M.S.S (1st semester) Department of political science University of Dhaka SAVE youth fellow.

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