Published:  01:47 AM, 28 June 2020

Musicians join together for 'no more free shows'

Musicians join together for 'no more free shows' RafiqulAlam, Abida Sultana, TapanChowdhury, Rumana Islam, SI Tutul, BappaMazumder. -Collected

The world is at a standstill with coronavirus. Almost all activities are suspended. In the meanwhile, there is a possibility that various fields in the country and abroad will be gradually activated, but the people of music are seeing the long darkness filled way ahead.

And this time more than a hundred musicians of the country have joined hands to find a ray of hope from that darkness. These artists see it as a struggle for their rights or survival.

They say that during the ongoing lockdown, it is no longer possible to continue the 'free culture' that is going on through Facebook and YouTube.

Muhin Khan, an artist of this generation, explained the matter in more detail."We are seeing an increase in the number of multidimensional online events. I or we all looked at it positively from the beginning because, as an artist, we also have some responsibilities in the ongoing epidemic, to make everyone aware or to keep a good mind by listening to music.

But the frustrating thing is that after three months, the number of shows that we are noticing is increasing day by day. On the contrary, most of the artists are not getting any honorarium.

There is a lot of frustration working inside us on this issue. We don't really see anything but darkness in front of us," he said.And in order to break this darkness, musicians of different generations have decided, 'there will be no more free shows,' after a series of internet meetings.

Throughout the day on June 24, the echoes were found on social media on the Facebook status of various artists. Meanwhile, BappaMajumder said on his Facebook wall, "In the first step, all free performances / appea-rances have to be stopped."

Especially that the main earning path of the artists is stage shows. According to them, they will have to stay under house arrest for at least another year and a half. Because, even though there is a gradual passage from the ongoing epidemic, the situation of organizing a stage show is not being created.

Many of them have spent more than three months without any income. At the request of various people, they had to listen to their songs or speak as guests on internet programs organized by various individuals and organizations. Most of which were without respect!

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