Published:  12:49 AM, 07 July 2020

Diner Sheshe

Diner Sheshe

"Ever since I was a little girl, being overweight never stopped me from wearing what I wanted- I was obsessed with fashion magazines, but I never saw anyone who looked like me in them.

As a 'fat' child, I was pushed around and called 'bulldozer'. I was bullied in school- boys called me 'blue whale' and made fun of me. The hate got to me- I was a kid. So, in the 7th grade, I started gaining weight rapidly- I put on 7-8 kilos a month. I was diagnosed with an eating disorder- I would stress eat constantly.

I kept putting on weight when in the 9th grade, I suddenly lost 20 kilos after a bout of dengue. When I returned from the hospital I got a lot of attention-I then wanted to lose more weight. I started gymming and would eat only two spoons of rice a day. Luckily my family realized this when we were on a trip and started keeping a check on my food.

Slowly, I was recovering and felt like life was getting back on track, when in college I got into a relationship. But we just weren't compatible and I lost myself completely; I'd cry every day. So, a year into the relationship we broke up. That's when I decided to prove to myself that I'm good enough.

I channelized all my energy on starting my YouTube channel- it became my therapy. I loved creating content and knew fashion was my calling. So I got on Instagram and it completely changed my life. I was able to be myself and gained a massive following for it!

1.5 years later, I was called to cover Lakme Fashion Week at an audition of plus sized models. When I entered the hall, every single plus sized model there rushed towards me and thanked me for giving them the confidence to even audition for such shows! I was so emotional; I had no clue I was impacting so many lives.

I spent several years judging myself and seeking validation. It wasn't easy getting here- but I've realized that 'size', your 'looks', don't really matter because we're so much more than that. Finally, I've become the person I was searching for in magazines while growing up; I am the role mode I always hoped to have."

Humans of Bombay, Fb

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